View Full Version : Got Any Advice For DIY Ron Paul Signs?

09-18-2011, 09:54 PM
I saw a few RP banners near downtown Fort Worth a few days ago, but they've mysteriously disappeared. There isn't any signage anywhere around me now except for the bumper sticker on my car.

My friends and I want to make LOTS of signs with a few different slogans and put them all around the area. We want to make this as cost efficient as possible. We were thinking the best way to go about this was do it yard-sign style and place them along major roads...at the beginning anyway. But, I really don't know what materials would be best to use that would hold up or what would be the best way to stake these things into the ground. Posterboard? Cardboard? Wooden Stakes? Wires? How big should the signs be so people can clearly read them?

I tried getting some ideas by searching the forums for this kinda stuff, but maybe I didn't look in the right places. Got loads of ideas on how to do stencils though. Any advice you could give me is much appreciated. :)

10-05-2011, 08:18 PM
Bump because I too need some sign making advice. I got some scrap vinyl but don't know the best paint to use on it. Also the sheets are 8ft by 10ft. I need to know the best way to to paint a large banner.

10-05-2011, 11:55 PM
Yard signs are typically 18x24" or 12x22"... letters ranging from 2"-6" high. Don't overcrowd them. Keep the messages short and clear. Regardless of the size of the sign, no one is going to read it if you try to fit too much on one sign.

If you want to go cheap, do carboard signs--paint the entire thing with a glossy exterior paint (buy a gallon or 5 gallon bucket cheap and apply it with a paint roller) or a clear sealant to make the signs hold up a little longer. Then you can staple them to anything you can get your hands on. I've used wooden paint mixers and (home improvement stores often get them free from paint manufacturers. Try asking for some at Lowes or smaller mom-n-pop paint stores.) Broken yard sticks, broom sticks, sticks broken off of trees, broken down pallets (I get these free from my dad's paint store--most everything they order comes in on pallets, and if the pallet has a broken slat, it gets trashed. Ask around locally!) Whatever works. Stapling signs directly to telephone poles is generally frowned upon, and sometimes illegal, so use your own judgement there.

Have some wire or zip ties (aka nylon cable ties) with you when you go out, in case you want to secure signs to trees, posts, guard rails, whatever else.

You can ask around at grocery stores for free carboard when their delivery trucks come in. Most will gladly let you take as much as you can haul away.

You can call around to local billboard companies and ask if they have any used billboard vinyl you could have for free or cheap. If they express concerns, offering to paint over the images prior to re-using the material may help alleviate their worries. You'll need a pickup and a friend to help you transport everything, but it's definitely a cheap way to get long-lasting banner material.

Another option for banners is Tyvek. You can buy 3'x100' rolls at Lowes for appx $9 each. It holds up very well, just be sure you stretch the material tight when hanging the banners so it doesn't sag. All of mine have been taken down long before they weathered. I'm just one person (sometimes two, haha) working in my garage, so I typically stick to spray paint for the ease of use. Any exterior paint will do. I like to use gloss or semi-gloss, but anything works. You can also usually find mismatched/mistake paint at most stores that do custom paint colors. My dad keeps them in the back, but if anyone inquires, he'll sell them for about $4 a gallon. Usually has a few white/off-white colors that are good for whitewashing cardboard. Can't hurt to ask!

As for stencils, those who do it best make their stencils from plywood. Those of us who fear losing a limb to a jigsaw mostly use foam insulation board, cardboard, or poster board. There are a few types of foam board--don't use the stuff sold in the craft section at Dollar stores/Wal-Mart. It doesn't hold up, and the paper coating traps paint and makes a huge mess. Go to Lowes or Home Depot. For smaller signs, I use 1/8"x2'x4' foam insulation panels. Mine are light blue, and a little flimsy, but they're easy to cut with a boxcutter or exacto knife. I just print my design, tape it on, then cut. For larger projects, there is a thicker foam board with a foil coating... it's usually a 4x8' panel. I've seen people using that successfully--foil on top, so paint can easily be wiped off. With larger projects, you can use a projector to display your stencil and then trace it with a sharpie, or buy a pack of 12" alphabet/number stencils (Lowes sells 6" and 12" stencils... don't remember the exact prices, but it was under $30 total for both.) Then hack away with a razor. If you use cardboard or posterboard for stencils, make sure the top is glossy, otherwise the wet paint will deteriorate the stencil and it could end up ripping.

10-12-2011, 10:04 PM
Simple way I know of
need supplies - knife, cardboard, spray paint, letter / number stencil set, pen or pencil, tape if you need to hold stencils down

Simply lay out the design you want on the card board, example RON PAUL 2012, trace around this with the pencil / pen and then cut it out. Now you have a perfect RON PAUL 2012 stencil to put on anything using the spray paint. Very cheap and most parents have these types of supplies around the house. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS