View Full Version : I think Ron Paul rocked the foreign spending question in last night's debate

09-13-2011, 09:59 AM
When I woke up this morning I grabbed some coffee and watched the clip again. Here's my take on his answer:

Question: Do you plan to decrease defense spending to balance spending or do you believe high spending is essential to security?

Ron Paul then points out the difference between military spending and defense spending. This addresses the issue of him not being an isolationist as well as follows up on previous statements of how and why he would cut spending overseas. I think there are a lot of people out there that agree with this.

He received applause when he pointed out that we would react the same if China were to move in and occupy our country. He also received applause when he pointed out that he agreed with George Bush's platform in 2000. I love that he is pointing out that he agrees with past president's platforms (Reagan in the MSNBC debate) while pointing out that they didn't necessarily follow through with them. It serves him well when people look at his record.

The mood didn't go sour until Santorum attacked him for the post on his website. Great! People will want to go to his website and read what he said because it was made controversial. This is exactly how Ron started getting so many questions regarding FEMA. We all watched as his reasoning unfolded and others started to follow his lead on that one. I think we will see this happen again on this topic. And if you pay close attention to the reply, there were people in the audience that agreed with him before and after the booing. His answer was truthful. You can make the argument that it was untimely, but this is a time that people are reflecting on what happened 10 years ago and how we have reacted to it for the past ten years. We all cried for the people in New York for days, and then we got angry for good reason and started asking questions. I think many of us continue to have a similar reaction every year.

That's my $0.02. Hope you can follow it - there is a reason that I am not a political blogger. I just wanted to share that I am very pleased with his performance on this question, as well as all the others. He had a great night!!