View Full Version : I found Digg's newest replacement of NoLibs

09-01-2011, 09:30 PM
He goes by the name "winston80". This guy posts negative Ron Paul stories on a daily basis. I think I'm starting to cheese him off though. I bury his stories when they pop up & post in the comments to correct him. Here's the link to our most recent comment thread:

http://digg.com/news/politics/sick_idiot_ron_paul_again_blames_us_for_9_11_attac ks_the_gateway_pundit#20110901202435:e78c128dff7b4 c35b532342c1fefff83

If anyone else is interested in clicking the thumbs down links on his posts or to further school him in the righteousness of Ron Paul, the more the merrier!