View Full Version : In War Films,Dying Soldiers Always Ask 'WHY?!' Video Idea For Ron Paul To Answer,WHY?

09-01-2011, 06:47 AM
Maybe a close up of the face of a soldier who is laying on the ground obviously hurt.A picture of Truman is shown together with a voice asking 'why?'.Then a picture of Johnson with the voice again demanding 'why?' then Nixon and perhaps Bush/Cheney and Obama and the other pro-offensive war candidates? (This is not an advert for the faint hearted).Then,when the picture of RP is shown and the voice demands 'why!',we get: 'For the Bill Of Rights and our American homes!'.With the text: 'During a Ron Paul administration,our sons and daughters will only ever fight in a Congressionally declared war for our American future!'

EDIT: I know in reality they reportedly die screaming for their mothers or their wife and kids.This wasn't meant to be a disrespectful suggestion,just one that might convey the true strength of Ron's idea.