View Full Version : Awesome Read: How Limbaugh’s Guest Hosts Choreographed His Anti-Paul Message

08-30-2011, 07:19 PM
This is my favorite part:

How can a Neo-Con claiming to be a good Tea Party supporter read the Constitution and not have passion for the Ron Paul candidacy – unless they support the same "Living Document" hogwash for which they criticize Liberals? Iran nukes? Paul has stated emphatically he does not want Iran to have nukes; he doesn’t want anybody to have nukes. He’d like to do away with all nukes. If you own the franchise "War-Mongering for Fun and Profit", what’s wrong with that? "Wacky" Foreign Policy? Paul has acknowledged and spoken to the point of what it means to be a "sovereign country" just as American is a sovereign country. But it would appear this is a distinction without a difference for too many of my radio colleagues. How does this happen? Is it intellectually impossible to appreciate all countries are as sovereign as the United States? Would Americans abide Iranian jets enforcing a No Fly Zone over Washington, DC, strafing, bombing, embargoing America into submission to their world view? Recently, I asked Congressman Paul: Where is the morality in pre-emption? He replied, "I don’t believe it’s there."

I'll answer his question:

Of course Neocons wouldnt; but the insanity that he is questioning is explained by the "Amercian Exceptionalism" BS that Rush propagates.

He goes onto a great analogy to "Amercian Exceptionalism" Rush brainwashes his listeners with after the above quote: