View Full Version : Ron Paul Labor Day Challenge!

08-29-2011, 07:44 PM
RON PAUL Labor Day Challenge!
Do you or your group have what it takes to represent The Ron Paul Revolution's grassroots effort on a state or even national level? Prove it! The primary elections begin in less than six months so it is critical that the Revolution be able to mobilize supporters and generate excitement quickly. Labor day is less than a week from now and will serve as an opportunity for those who think they have what it takes.

The Challenge:
1) Find a Labor day fair or parade in your area and you and your group need to quickly mobilize supporters to participate by promoting Ron Paul.
2) Please represent his Constitutional principles and honorable record respectfully.
3) Video tape your Labor Day R3VOLUTION experience and upload it to your facebook/ youtube account and message it to Jay Coleman or Chris Goose.

The Prize:
The video that demonstrates the ability to effectively mobilize large numbers and generate the most positive excitement will be offered an opportunity to organize directly with Revolution PAC and Veterans for Ron Paul on the Precinct, State, National level. Get creative and show your support for liberty and Ron Paul!

Spread the R3VOLUTION! RON PAUL 2012!