View Full Version : First Thread -- Come Join me at ChristianForums.Com!

08-28-2011, 04:01 PM
Hello all Ron Paul supporters, particularly my fellow-Christian Paul supporters!

First, I'll introduce myself a bit:

Was "OrthodoxPresbyterian" (formerly Uriel1975) at FreeRepublic.Com -- 10-year FreeRepublic Veteran, originator of the "Great Ron Paul Ping List" on Free Republic; banned for being Pro-Ron Paul.
Was "OrthodoxPresbyterian" at Conservative Underground -- banned for being Pro-Ron Paul.
Was "OrthodoxPresbyterian" at Conservatives Forum -- banned for being Pro-Ron Paul.

ACK! I'm seeing a trend here!

Fortunately, I've found a new "talk shop" at which to hang out on the web: one which so far seems much more tolerant and welcoming than many so-called "conservative" Forums (which is hopefully appropriate, for Followers of Christ): ChristianForums.Com

They recently opened up a new "Politics" Forum, and they also have a Business & Economics Forum.

The Politics Forum is here: http://www.christianforums.com/f181/

If you're looking to do "political outreach" on behalf of a fellow Christian gentleman, our beloved Dr. Ron Paul, feel free to join me at ChristianForums.Com! Not surprisingly, my screen name there is... "Orthodox Presbyterian".

Word of Advice to Non-Christian supporters of Ron Paul: IF you should decide to join us over at the ChristianForums Political Forums, please feel free to identify your Non-Christian Faith or Non-Profession of Faith. People of other Faiths, Agnostics, and Atheists are WELCOME at ChristianForums, and you'll probably do a better job of representing Ron Paul's supporters if you just openly and respectfully acknowledge your alternate Faith, or Non-Profession of Faith. The "Christians Only" Forums for discussions of particular points of theological details, and so forth, are clearly labelled on the Main Forums page; The Politics and Economics Forums are welcome to all comers, Christian and otherwise.

I look forward to participating here at Ron Paul Forums, and thought I'd start out by suggesting one easy way that we can do a little fellow-Christian outreach. Thanks!

Taxation over 10% is Tyranny -- 1 Samuel 8:17