View Full Version : Precincts For Ron Paul Forums Organize to elect and appoint delegates!

08-22-2011, 11:52 PM
My fiance and I have created a free forum for people to organize the precincts and districts in their counties to make sure we elect Ron Paul delegates. I know there are a lot of empty precincts in many caucuses around the country so making sure we get even one Ron Paul supporter in those places can make a huge difference and could win him the nomination. Please share and participate! Let me know if I haven't added counties for your state yet so far I have sub-forums for all the counties in Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine, Wyoming, Washington, Texas, Nevada, and the boroughs in Alaska. I just started this yesterday to give you an idea of how fast this can be created, if anyone wants to be an admin I can allow you to create subforums so we can grow this virally to cover all the precincts in the country.