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11-03-2007, 12:32 PM
Ron Paul Roundup (11-03-07)
by RS Davis (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=194780914&blogID=325113172&Mytoken=4486FE14-3271-49CE-B0791EBD256561998252478)

Hello Freedomphiles! Since it's the weekend, let's start off this Roundup with a little fun from The Spoof:

"E-mails?" she asks, surprised.

I tell her about reports in the media of Ron Paul spam e-mails that originate from hijacked "zombie" computers around the world. The subject lines of the messages typically urge support for candidate Paul in the GOP primary.

"Oh," she says. "How interesting."

Evey then leads me to another section of the basement and turns on an overhead light. I involuntarily flinch. Along the wall is a series of large machines--call them robots if you will--and they don't look friendly.

Suddenly I get it. Of course. A botnet. A "roBOT NETwork." Very handy in a tight election.

Evey points to the first robot. "This robot is Hal," she says nonchalantly. "His assignment is to take care of the electronic voting machines on Super Tuesday. We can't let the fate of Ron Paul's campaign be determined by computer hackers, can we? Hal is capable of crushing almost twenty Diebold voting machines per minute, and can also..."

I stop listening to Evey for a moment and imagine a United States in which red and blue robots battle each other to determine the next president of the United States--Transformers-style. Hmmm... I hope I get to live to see it.

Next, I am shown a much larger and scarier robot with huge, menacing viselike claws. "This is Foxtrot," Evey says. "His job is to run interference for Ron Paul with the mainstream media. His claws are extra large; he is capable of popping Bill O'Reilly's head like a zit."

They report. And we decide with a homicidal robot. Fair and balanced.

"Here," Evey offers. "Let me power him up for you."

So, the Hot Air Blog is rolling their eyes and saying nothing terribly substantial:

No foolin'. The money bit starts at around 1:10. One of the core arguments against the war is that it's destabilizing the region; the destabilization that would come with Shiite fundamentalists wielding an atomic bludgeon seems of less concern. Paul squares that circle neatly by declaring that the Middle East is none of our business. He has no moral or strategic interest, obviously, in partnering with Israel to check Islamism. Nor does he seem concerned with guaranteeing our energy interests. To do so would presumably hew too closely to the dreaded neocon "war for oil" bumper sticker, although how he'd plan to meet the demand for petroleum if apocalyptic war did break out isn't addressed here.

This guy clearly doesn't understand markets. On a side note, the comments section on that one is notably absent Ron Paul supporters - just a bunch of neocons calling him and us moonbats.

Meanwhile, back at USADaily, they've discovered that being a moonbat sells books:

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's new book, "A foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship" as of yesterday had sky rocketed on Amazon.com from No. 594 to No. 294. and made it to 22 on Amazon's Movers and Shakers list. The book looks like it may quickly become a best seller.

Ron Paul's campaign website has just featured the book which may be driving the sales. The website had over 840,000 visitors last month alone.

Sweet action. Ya know, the way Ron Paul supporters are, they should auction a few signed copies on ebay. They'd boost their fundraising by 150% in one day. Anyway, read the whole article because there are some really good quotes about the book.

So, any of you Freedomphiles in or within 200 miles (because I know where Ron Paul supporters are concerned, 200 miles to a Paul event is within "walking distance.") of Nashville, TN? If you can get there by six o'clock tonight, there's a Rock for Ron Paul show:

So, who rocks harder, the guy on the left, or the guy on the right? Obama or Paul? There's the obvious fact that Obama's first name is Barack. As in, "Barack You Like a Hurricane." But on the other hand, Ron Paul...Les Paul? Ron Paul Jones? Anyway, each candidate's Nashville area supporters are hosting a fundraiser rock show this Saturday, Nov. 3.

Rock for Ron Paul
6 p.m.
Say Goodbye, The Golden Sounds, Long Since Forgotten, Elbows as Weapons, Sophie, Knapsack Heroes, Harrison Hudson & more.

Cross and Crescent, the newsletter of Dr Paul's fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, had a nice feature about our man:

Paul says his interest in politics really started in the 1960s, when he started to study economics.

"Early on and during the '60s as a resident I liked to read other things than just medicine. I became fascinated with economic policy and came across a school of economics called Austrian Economics." explains Paul. "It is free market, sound money type of economics. It's a little different than just saying conservative economics because they believe you can't have paper money but have sound money. It also deals with limited government."

Paul felt the 1970s were a rocky decade because the country had spent so much money that it didn't really have on the Vietnam War and through the introduction of welfare in wholesale.

"That had to be paid for, and when you print a lot of money to pay for these bills, you end up with a lot of inflation," says Paul. "So in the '70s, we were paying for the bills of the '60s, and we had rampant inflation and interest rates at 21 percent."

Paul felt there was a perfect explanation for it all and thought the policies were wrong. He decided to run for Congress, not expecting much, but to his surprise was elected in 1976 and served until 1977. He was then again elected in 1979 and served until 1985.

USADaily reports about Ron Paul in South Carolina:

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul drew a crowd of 700 supporters at a rally at Clemson University earlier today. The rally hosted by the Clemson chapter of Students for Ron Paul was held from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Strom Thurmond Institute Building on the university's campus...

...Paul also told supporters, "It's not like this is a new revolution. This is the restoration of the original one, and we have a lot of work to do!"

Paul called for abolishing the federal income tax and criticized the Federal Reserve for "creating money out of thin air." Paul told supporters his was a message of hope and that he wanted America to be an example for the world.

Finally, a little more levity:

The field of quantum physics came into existence in the early part of the 20th century. Quantum physics holds that atomic and subatomic particles can both exist and not exist at the same time until they are looked at by an observer. In a classic thought experiment known as "Schrödinger's Cat," a theoretical cat in a box is both alive and dead at the same time. Only when the lid is removed and an observer looks at the cat is the cat's fate decided. The concept of "spin" is also an important part of quantum physics; the spin of subatomic particles can be positive or negative.

After the debate, Professor Bourland held a press conference. "The existence of Ron Paul is in a state of flux," he claimed. "The mainstream media has yet to unambiguously observe him."

The professor then went on to explain that if the mainstream media acknowledges or even implies that Ron Paul is in the GOP primary campaign, then Paul's spin will be positive and he will pop into existence. But if a complete media blackout occurs or the media denies that Ron Paul is a real candidate, then his spin will be negative and Ron Paul will pop out of existence.