View Full Version : An idea for material tracking

08-17-2011, 11:02 AM
I hate to come with an issue and not have an answer but I wanted to post this and see if anyone had ideas.
In 2008, I spent alot of time having trifolds and other items printed up in bulk and selling on Ebay and other places. Come to find out that some of what I had sold ended up un-used and then groups not too far away had none.

Is there anyway that we can setup a database so that meetup groups can enter their inventory. Maybe a way to help the groups swap items when one has alot and others do not. In central florida we had three different groups buying items and three different prices and could have been much more effective if we had all purchased in bulk together.
Also, bulk printers many times will give discounts to print an item and do not mind sending parts of it to different areas. For Instance, if the New York meetup groups wanted to get the same Tri-folds that the Florida group wants, then we could combine to place a single order but have them ship half to each state.

Any ideas?