View Full Version : Convincing pro-Israel neo-cons that we need non-interventionism

08-15-2011, 08:15 AM
Here's an article from IsraelNationalNews.com.


We are actually paying salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists who are jailed in Israel, even those who have killed Americans. The greater their sentence (years behind bars), the greater the monthly salary we pay. We also pay a monthly salary to their families. Does this make terrorism against Israel more or less likely? Should US tax dollars pay monthly salaries to terrorists who kill Americans? When will our foreign policy begin making sense?

We can't simultaneously provide money and weapons to virtually every country in the Middle East and expect there to be peace.

Christian neo-cons should be made aware of this.

08-16-2011, 01:16 PM
The problem is one of theology. There's a certain strand of theology in churches that promotes a pro Israel agenda called Dispensationalism. Now not all are as fanatic as others but how they see Israel and the Church is the result of a poor theology. I've been battling against this for several years now. I hold to what is called Covenant Theology. I believe Israel as a people of God are no more. But that the Church is the true Israel. While there are many Jewish believers (the apostles were all Jews) the physical people are no longer YHWH's people. He divorced them. But there was a remnant. This is why the promise is still fulfilled. True sons of Abraham are those who believe in Christ. People often say we must bless Israel so we can be blessed. But the scriptures talk about blessing Abraham, not Israel. The nation wasn't formed until many years later. Abraham was a pagan. This is why he can be the father of ALL nations, Jew and Gentile. And it is though faith that we are made sons. The Jews rejected this. They said let Christ's blood be on them for having him crucified. That request was fulfilled when in AD 70 Rome destroyed them. All their records were destroyed, their temple was destroyed. Without that they had and have no identity. A new Heavens and Earth was formed, and that is the New Covenant church. So what do we do with Israel as a nation? Nothing, they are pagan just like the Muslims from a biblical perspective. So let them stand or fall as nation on their own right.