View Full Version : Rick Perry Playing Card sized Handouts

08-14-2011, 10:30 PM
OK... here's the deal. You can use these as you wish... with a few caveats:

Do Not link directly to my files on any other sites.
Download them and print them as you wish.
Upload them to other sites without having them traced back to RPF (or me).

Everything on the cards is true... but there's no sense in us being the source. Plenty of other campaigns have a much better reason to expose his record. Better it comes from them.

The idea is to print these... then, use them as handouts or to put them in easy to access places... use your imagination. Once this guys record is better know I suspect a large amount of his support will evaporate. The PDF contains a print size version suitable for color printers or your local office supply. There are cut marks and they cards are laid out 8 per sheet.

http://gilbert-american.com/ronpaul/perry8.png (http://gilbert-american.com/ronpaul/perry8.pdf)

Download PDF File (http://gilbert-american.com/ronpaul/perry8.pdf)
High resolution print file... about 4MB

Special thanks to the photographer for permission to use this image without attribution