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08-14-2011, 01:30 AM
Strategy: Hand out a Ron Paul card that someone hangs on to.

Target Audience: Anyone.

The Card: Is both a RP ad, and a prescription discount card that works at 58,000 pharmacies nationwide. Card saves an average of 28%, but as much as 75%; is pre-activated for immediate use; is reusable; can be shared; covers name-brand and generic drugs; can be used for pets; provides discounts to those with Rx insurance who take a drug not covered by their insurance; is FREE.

Appeals To: Working middle class; seniors; pet owners; college kids; pretty much most people.

Cost: $55 for 5,000 delivered to your door.

Revenue: We'll pay $2.50 the first time a card you distribute gets used at a pharmacy to produce a discount, and $1.50 each additional time that cardholder gets an Rx discounted, into the future. This is on-going, residual, that builds over time.

Tracking: Done by a unique code assigned just to you.

More Details: I'll be in the office all next week if you want to talk. 614-526-9222.

See the card, with some additional notes at www.RxForLiberty.com/rx (http://RxForLiberty.com/rx). User name is dp (for Daily Paul) and password is 'rp2012'. This is not public yet, so please email me your comments and suggestions. Thank you.

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These cards are interesting. I do have a few questions, not necessarily for OP:

1) How are these cards profitable for the card maker? The card maker presumably pays for the discounted drugs (a sizable amount) and pays out a fee to the distributor.

2) Are these types of cards widely accepted by pharmacies? Are there other examples of "Cause Rx" cards for other causes or advertisements?

3) How well are these cards received by potential voters? For example, do they perceive the activist trying to "buy their vote" or is it a positive response?

Thank you!!!