View Full Version : Looks like another Fox News Hit Piece, 2007 style

08-11-2011, 02:07 PM

No mention of Ron at all in the video with Baier, even though he's polling a solid third.

They call him a Straw Man...a play on words, to be sure, but their Freudian slip is pretty obvious to me. They also say anything worse than second place is a failure, even though Ron's own stated goal is third or better. That comment in particular came just before them going out of their way to mention his age, along with further references to his "unelectability"...This is atrocious.

I apologize if there's already a thread on this, but I couldn't find one.

08-11-2011, 02:11 PM
Paul: Straw Man
“We may do quite well on Saturday. I have no idea, exactly. I don't make predictions. But it's significant. It's significant for me personally. It's significant for our campaign. It's significant for the cause of liberty.”
-- Texas Rep. Ron Paul on the stump in Mason City, Iowa setting the stakes for the Ames Straw Poll
Ron Paul’s needs in tonight’s debate are immediate: He needs a performance that will help him win Saturday’s straw poll.
A win in the straw poll would help reinforce the message that Paul is still the emotional and ideological favorite of the Republican activist community. Conversely, a poor showing in the straw poll, say third or worse, will suggest that the door is closing on 75-year-old Paul’s candidacy.
If Iowa activists are starting to forsake their first love in the name of electability, Paul will start to fade quickly and, so will his platform to share his libertarian message.
Paul has been one of the driving forces in changing the direction of the GOP. The ideas for which he was roundly mocked and berated by his 2008 contenders – a more humble foreign policy, ending the Federal Reserve and even the gold standard – are now very much mainstream Republican ideas.
To keep up that push toward libertarianism, Paul needs to give Iowa activists a reason to give him another boost on Saturday. Expect Paul to pull no punches when it comes to his fellow candidates or his ideas.

I didn't think the write up was too bad.