View Full Version : Push for busses!

James R
11-02-2007, 02:04 AM
1. It costs about $500 to charter a school bus

2. It takes a half hour to get from the Liberty Bell to Valley Forge
http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?go=1&do=nw&rmm=1&un=m&cl=EN&qq=GnPsh7XJGQBOUCHPBAOSMP91gYV%252bi9WGKLjKyc5z7b6 LYiVs%252fxVS61soOwlj%252bZeL1kKzMM9QV%252fwI2KIBp p0c%252btHqzR9qSLJ2uRwLokUuu%252byQ8VFeV75XHErWuWo 1%252fbZGzvc8kX54GaK02XZMw%252fl6dKGzasu8eF3WG9DEk djEW5DG%252fUP3cQh%252bGI87abU8ImOkkdVEI0TyyeJVq9M tymyK6M2kB3HfRmYEFFk%252bUw6aRbVuBECBtchY9k3tKZufL btuqRGLtxDm7XXqYzZzlTa5%252fCl6NX0nvGNthTfXOpWXaQd O0n0kzy7Sw7KouMy1dI89Yn%252fSsRLcM2tiMr%252f9FlTnP MOwKO8BmV4DDr5F%252fbJB4N%252fwgZlN%252b0jToQ%253d %253d&ct=NA&rsres=1&1y=US&1ffi=&1l=&1g=&1pl=&1v=&1n=&1pn=&1a=1160+1st+Ave&1c=KING+OF+PRUSSIA&1s=PA&1z=19406-1355&panelbtn=1&2y=US&2ffi=&2l=&2g=&2pl=&2v=&2n=&2pn=&2a=101+S+INDEPENDENCE+MALL+E&2c=PHILADELPHIA&2s=PA&2z=19106-2517

3. With six school busses at a cost of about $3,000 there could be a trip to and from Liberty Mall/Valley Forge every ten minutes. Actually they would need seven to account for load/unload times.

The campaign OWES it to the people who actually put together this rally (and no HQ didn't do that, it was us us grassroots people) to get that bus route in place.

Here are charter bus companies in the Philly area. One of them lists 2 school busses for $400 each for five hours. It also has five coach busses, which are far more comfortable to travel in of course, for $600. So we could get our busses from that company (5 motorcoaches + 2 school busses) for a total of $3,800. That would get us transportation to/from Liberty Mall every 10 minutes.