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08-09-2011, 09:57 AM
Well this isn't my first post but I thought it would be good to still post here. Unfortunately the last election I didn't pay attention to the primaries and had no clue who Ron Paul was. Thankfully one day while watching Glenn Beck (yes I know many of you cannot stand him but without him I may have never learned about Ron Paul) and for the first time I saw a politician that was honest. He wasn't saying the same thing and went against the grain. That led me to research and find out who this man was. Researching Ron Paul has honestly changed my life and my views on politics. Since then I have converted my wife, her mother and I am still working on my family but they are slowly coming around. Hopefully in this campaign I can help make a difference.

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Bonjour! Welkommen! :)

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Hello! Good to have you here. :)