View Full Version : HELP inform Ron Paul Facebook group members about November 5th!!!

11-01-2007, 08:46 PM
Hey everyone!

There is currently a project underway that uses a program to contact all 70,000 of Ron Paul's MySpace friends about November 5th.

Well, it's easy to "spam" MySpace. However, Facebook, not so much. Because of this, people take requests on Facebook a lot more seriously, and there are more "real" accounts as well. Currently, Ron Paul has 37,000 people in the Ron Paul Facebook group.

Facebook has a very good spam system. If you send out a dozen or two messages in quick succession, you'll be lightly warned (but nothing happens to your account). If you make a new account and try to send messages to strangers, you need a verification code, or a cell phone text activation. Furthermore, if a group has over 2,000 people--like the Ron Paul Facebook group--you can't mass-message everyone.

In any case, you can see there's a lot of people who decided to join the group once with the exclamation "Yeah, Ron Paul!" but then forgot about it. Well, this is a very fresh and great user base for the November 5th project. You can now help!

HELP RON PAUL MAKE $1,000 IN 10 SECONDS! (http://therobert.org/rp/fb/index.php)

I understand your Facebook e-mail and password is very sensitive information. However, my script does not store your login info, it uses it on-the-fly to log in. If you look up some of my previous threads on these forums, you should be convinced I'm a trustworthy Ron Paul supporter. PM me or express your distrust in this thread if you're iffy about giving out that information.

Finally, try to put in as many Facebook e-mails as you can. Even though my girlfriend and sister aren't big on Ron Paul, I used their e-mails because they won't be able to tell the difference anyways, and it means another 10-20 people contacted about Ron Paul, which is a potential extra $2,000 for the good doctor!