View Full Version : Constructing an entertaining canvassing tool that also saves time for canvassers.

08-06-2011, 04:37 PM
An ice-breaking canvassing tool that also saves time for canvassers is in the works.

I've got an algorithm that, given a filled out spreadsheet like this:


... can guess which candidate a voter supports -- or is likely to support -- based on a minimum number of issues (probably only 4 or 5 questions). When this spreadsheet is substantially filled out, I'll start up my "psychic AI" which, BTW, learns by playing. It will get better the more it is used.

This "psychic AI" will be available via a cell phone web browser so it can be use by door-to-door canvassers to both break the ice and identify potential Ron Paul supporters!

Please help me by filling this spreadsheet by imagining you are someone you know who supports one of the candidates, and filling in their answers from 2 to -2 (Strongly agree to Strongly disagree) under the candidate they support. If you don't like the question or are just lazy, don't fill anything in. If you see someone has answered in a way that is just silly for a given candidate, then feel free to correct the answer.

If there are incisive questions you think should have been asked, add them to the "Questions" column.