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08-02-2011, 10:46 AM
Facebook response to my friend posting Ron Paul's weekly message: Freeze the Budget and Stop Plundering the American People!

Jarrod Munger Spending isn't the problem... Jobs are the problem man, people not paying income tax because they don't have a job is the problem... And no one in goverment is talking jobs in serious matter. :( http://www.realclearpoliti​cs.com/video/2011/06/05/pa​ul_krugman_were_in_lost_de​cade_territory.ht ml
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Shawn Burk It's not up to the government to create jobs. They just need to deregulate and capitalism is supposed to do the rest. They need to give business owners incentive to want to create the jobs here in the United States rather than tax the hell out of them and regulate the heck out of them. What the government CAN do is stop the useless spending and attempt to balance the budget. I view the government spending as a massive problem. If the real issue is that there are no jobs and the people aren't paying their taxes, then that means there's no revenue.....so why in the world is the government still spending like crazy?! We have to conquer one problem at a time and government spending vs job creation are two different problems.
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Jarrod Munger No but the government is supposed to keep our society civil and our economy on at least level footing. The regulated Capitalism that we had for 200 years with proper taxation and tariffs seemed to work. It was when these "regulations" were removed that the car started to stall.

When the private sector doesn't have the gas to keep the car going, its the government, an entity that is run by you and I... or supposed to be when people actually pay attention... that's supposed to make sure we have a civil society, and not chaos with 40% unemployment, extreme poverty, and civil disobedience like the Free Market haven of Somalia. Seemed to do a great job in the 1930s and kept food on my families table.

Useless spending is something we can totally agree on. Putting 2 wars on the credit cards, enacting a Medicare Part D $62 billion a year on the credit cards are definitely a spending problem. Paying out Social Security and Medicare Parts A, B, and C is something we HAVE to do. Its called an Entitlement because your entitled to it because you paid into it. Slashing these programs now will just make the end of life for you and I and your kids worse. These programs work, and when taxing the masses properly are well funded.
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Jarrod Munger Here's why Nixon created the EPA. Regulations are to protect you and I from the greed that consumes Capitalist persons. http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/a​oc/cuyahoga.html
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Matt Jenereaux Yay polution ;) http://www.ohiohistorycent​ral.org/entry.php?rec=1642
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Shawn Burk Well I'm glad we regulate business so much, that way we can all move to India to get a job. :( The truth of the matter is...why should business owners/corporations create jobs here when they can do it overseas for way less capital, and much more profit? And they don't have to deal with all the government regulations. Here's some thoughts on Social Security from Ron Paul that I know you'll find interesting: http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=wdafLIQfWlY

Ron Paul: Why the Government Lies About Social Security
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Shawn Burk and just FYI, I'm not against regulations to protect our environment. I'm not saying to just allow companies to dump toxic waste into our rivers...I'm just saying the government needs to help invite corporations back into this country....and I think the one of the best ways to do that is for the government to get out of the way.
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Matt Jenereaux This isn't a problem unique to America (jobs moving offshore) It's one of corporate greed and very little incentive for balanced trade (you're too young to remember but we got this ball rolling by trying to help Japan and China out in the 80's with very favorable (for them) trade conditions. We then attempted to "right the ship" through tarrifs but those didn't really accomplish much and don't keep "U.S." companies from sending their work overseas to be sold here). England is in much the same boat, it's once thriving textile and shoe industry has all been moved to places in Asia (but you still pay the same price for the goods). Sadly it is near impossible to fix a lot of it because the average American hasn't seen a real salary increase (when adjusted for inflation) since the mid 80's and couldn't afford to buy goods at the increased prices companies would charge (no time in American history has it cost so little to eat, hence America's homeless obese)
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Shawn Burk Well put Matt. I especially like the point you made on "no real salary increase since the mid 80's"...inflation considered of course. It's crazy to think about
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Matt Jenereaux I would agree on corporations but I honestly no longer have faith in anyone at that level of wealth having the good of others anywhere in their mindset. Much the way I feel about "super" banks and the robber barons on Wallstreet
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Jarrod Munger The problem is that we don't regulate them properly when it comes to taxation. With the proper tax penalties for shipping jobs overseas we can squash the shipping of jobs overseas. And the reason they are able to get products and individuals cheaper is due to both political parties in this country removing the tariffs we used to have on India, China, Europe, etc for most of our counties history.

I've never been under the assumption that my money in the social security fund was going to be the same money I get later on in life. His view on this subject is justified in the misinformation and ignorance of the American people to how this program works. The simplest way to "fix" social security is to remove the cap on incomes over $107k, which has been pushed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Two men I trust way more in terms of economics than I do a crack pot doctor turned politician.
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John Santini Shawn its government regulation that provides you with a high paying job supporting State of California. If those regulations weren't in place that account would be staffed with 12k/year Indians. True Capitalism today is nothing but greed and exploitation.
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Shawn Burk Shhh, you weren't supposed to say that I work on government accounts :)
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Shawn Burk lol Jarrod, what's up with the "crack pot doctor" comment?
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Jarrod Munger after reading his positions for so long.... that's the best way to describe the man. http://www.ontheissues.org​/ron_paul.htm
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Jarrod Munger The government is bad!!!!! But I'll take your Medicare dollars.... Its a common theme with people who think the government is the problem. The problem is that the American people don't truly understand the function of government and listen to whoever yells the loudest or has the most extreme views. Both Paul's being the latter.

My adjectives and description above apply to all teabagger candidates.