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07-08-2011, 08:47 AM
Those dedicated to the cause of liberty: Your exertions in the cause of freedom, guided by wisdom and animated by zeal and courage, have gained you the love and confidence of your grateful countrymen; and they look to you, who are experienced veterans, and trust that you will still be the guardians of America. As I have the honor to be an American, and one among the free millions, who are defended by your valor, I would pay the tribute of thanks, and express my gratitude, while I solicit you to continue in your present honorable and important station. I doubt not America will always find enough of her sons and daughters ready to flock to her standard, and support her freedom; but experience proves that experienced soldiers are more capable of performing the duties of the revolution, and better qualified to face the enemy, than others; and therefore every friend of America will be desirous that most of the men and women who compose the present Army of Liberty may continue in the service of their country until “liberty, peace, and safety” are established once again.

Although your private concerns may call for your assistance at home, yet the voice of your country is still louder, and it is painful to heroic minds to quit the duty when liberty calls, and the voice of injured millions cries “to arms! to arms” Never was a cause more important or glorious then that which you are engaged in; not only your wives, husbands, or your children, and distant posterity, but humanity at large, the world of mankind, are interested in it; for if tyranny should prevail in this great country, we may expect liberty will expire throughout the world. Therefore, more human glory and happiness may depend upon your exertions than every yet depended upon any of the true Americans left. “He that is a soldier in defense of such a cause needs no title; his post is a post of honor, and although not an emperor, yet he shall wear a crown – of glory – and blessed will be his memory!”

The savage and brutal barbarity of our enemies in burning our Constitution from their minds by their actions, is a full demonstration that there is not the least remains of virtue, wisdom, or humanity, in the bowels of Washington; and that they are fully determined with word and deed, fire and sword, to butcher and destroy, beggar and enslave the whole American people. Let us perpetuate our liberties and live as free peoples once again

Notwithstanding the many difficulties we have to encounter, and the rage of the merciless enemies to freedom and liberty, we have a glorious prospect before us, big with everything good and great. The further we hearken back to the memory of true independence, our prospects will expand and brighten, and a free Republic will soon complete our happiness.

Let us remember what America really is and let us take back our liberty.

There is only one way to do this: Vote Ron Paul for President and spread this message to those you meet and those who don’t know it. Be the harbinger of knowledge and the herald of true freedom. The only way to win is to tell everyone about our cause, to distribute his books to those interested, and to relay your heartfelt convictions for freedom, liberty, and this great nation. I was asked recently if Ron Paul can win. I tallied up those I've converted in only 3 weeks, it's 10 people. Imagine the power you have to spread this message. Start now, time is running out.

U.S. Army Officer

***Much of this is adapted from an anonymous letter written to the New England Chronicle in 1775 as the Continental Army was nearing the end of its first enlistment and the future of the nation unknown, George Washington was as hopeless as ever. It was the first step in restoring the energy and fire so desperately needed to win a war of independence and liberty. I claim none of this as original thought, only adaptation for our current state***

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Nice adaptation. Welcome to the crucible of r3VOLution


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Welcome indeed. :cool:

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Great letter! We need to repost everywhere!

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Great letter! We need to repost everywhere!

Hopefully not with the thought that this will win votes. I doubt most people would get more than halfway through the first paragraph.