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07-07-2011, 01:57 PM
Note: Some of you don't/won't use Twitter and that's fine. Please leave all negative comments about Twitter off this post and focus on what we can do to help get @RonPaul more followers. Here is the current comparison chart for top 3 Republicans (http://twittercounter.com/compare/RonPaul/mittromney/teambachmann/3month/followers)

I've been thinking of what can I do to really help the campaign in a big way and think this is it. Over the next 3 weeks, my goal is to make sure that @RonPaul (http://twitter.com/ronpaul) on Twitter beats @MittRomney. Wanted to write out my thoughts and plans for achieving this on the forums to get your feedback and possible participation in reaching that goal.


Here's an article that explains the power of Twitter (http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/07/infographic-who-is-using-twitter-how-often-and-why/241407/). Twitter is one of the best ways to instantly spread news or a message. It's the syndication power of Twitter that makes it an extremely powerful tool. We need to make sure @RonPaul (http://twitter.com/ronpaul) has the megaphone that is Twitter turned up as loud as it can be by the time we face @BarackObama and his 9 million followers!

Ideas to Implement

Webpage: I've made a simple short "sales page" on my website to have a little control over the visitor and take advantage of features like SEO, social media sharing, look and feel, etc. Here's that page: Help Ron Paul Beat Mitt Romney (http://brendanwenzel.net/ronpaul/)

Sponsored Tweets: There are two primary sources to sponsor tweets from people. One is called Sponsored Tweets (http://sponsoredtweets.com/) and the other is called Fiverr (http://fiverr.com/gigs/search?query=twitter&x=0&y=0). Both these have some good gems. I'm beginning to put together a list of the most targeted twitter accounts we could tweet from and what we'd want that message to say. I'm thinking of having the tweet say "Follow @RonPaul because... #RonPaul2012" It has only one call to action and that's to follow @RonPaul. And maybe if we get enough of these and RTs, the #RonPaul2012 hashtag may make it's way up into the trending topics.

Twitter Awareness Campaign: I'm going to monitor for people not using @RonPaul and instead using #RonPaul or @RepRonPaul and make sure they know to use @RonPaul to help us grow his following. If everyone did that one thing, it would help tremendously in getting people over to the account to follow it. Hopefully we can get the campaign to eventually get the @RepRonPaul account to tell it's followers about the @RonPaul account. {Fingers Crossed}

Money Bomb Support: Here's one that will require campaign assistance and I'll write them about it if you guys think it's worthy of their time and effort. I'm thinking July 19th should warrant a social media event. Here's an example of a "Social Media Event": Obama's Twitter Town Hall (http://askobama.twitter.com/) - We wouldn't even have to go as far as having Dr. Paul on camera. We could just have people ask questions with the hashtag #RonPaul2012 and the campaign staff can even answer the questions. Point is people are actively talking about @RonPaul on the day we're trying to raise as much as possible and having @RonPaul involved in the promotion of it on Twitter would be a great deal of help to us.

Banner Ads: Maybe placing banner ads on sites that are talking about Twitter for the @RonPaul Twitter account. Still debating the ROI on this one though.

Well, that's kinda what I have in mind right now. I'm coming to you guys to see if you have any other ideas that could help us reach a goal like this and what you think of the ideas I just laid out for us. Imagine how much easier it'll be if we double or even triple the amount of people the campaign can reach by July 19th. That is if they decide to do something on Twitter on the 19th to help us with our money bomb project.

07-07-2011, 02:38 PM
I see some great ideas! I have to admit, I don't know alot about Twitter, facebook is my area of knowledge when it comes to social media. Keep up the amazing work!

07-07-2011, 03:14 PM
Screw twitter!!!


We need to keep encouraging the campaign to do all this. They should be sending out emails, encouraging people on youtube, and spreading the message to the over 400,000 people on facebook. I actually messaged their youtube channel yesterday asking for them to put facebook and twitter links at the top of their page, and today they changed it. Now that means they either listen to the messages they get or it was a complete coincidence. Either way.... The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

I've also made a post encouraging our youtube community to create annotations at the end of their videos to link to Ron Paul's official youtube channel.... I believe we all need to be putting these links in the videos we create, otherwise people watch the video and move on, but if they see a link, they are liable to click it and subscribe, and potentially click through to his facebook and twitter pages.

We must continually encourage the social media! Keep up the good work Brendan!

07-07-2011, 03:25 PM
Yeah man, I outlined my beginning plan for how to better use YouTube in another post on my blog. YouTube is even harder than Twitter to help them with because there are so many things we can't control. Such as YouTube ads, video call to actions, links in descriptions, properly written descriptions and so on.

07-07-2011, 03:46 PM
I just followed RP because this link provided the information that he was even on twitter, sometimes that is all you need.

07-07-2011, 04:50 PM
I just followed RP because this link provided the information that he was even on twitter, sometimes that is all you need.

Absolutely! Most this campaign will be about making sure Ron Paul fans are following him. Most have no idea it's even there.

07-07-2011, 05:47 PM
Most don't know his campaign site, even if they follow his house site.

07-07-2011, 06:19 PM
I betcha Romney paid his hacks to each open 5-10 Twitter accounts

07-07-2011, 07:05 PM
Re-tweet: http://twitter.com/mattyernest/status/89129784583536641

Then tweet your own @ronpaul

07-07-2011, 07:36 PM
I betcha Romney paid his hacks to each open 5-10 Twitter accounts

It's really not that hard to get to 55k followers with a little promotion of the account. When they make media appearances on CNN, they need to make sure CNN tweets that @RonPaul will be on the show. Instant 1k followers. Let's see if the :collins: will this idea happen. Anyone wanna bet on the over/under on that one? 1k followers if the CNN account tweeted anything with @RonPaul in it.

07-08-2011, 04:01 PM
Bump! This is very important!

07-08-2011, 05:38 PM
Have you tried posting messages on RP facebook and commenting on youtube? All I have to do is type @ronpaul and it shows a direct link to his twitter? seems like an easy task for huge benefits-im in!

07-08-2011, 06:50 PM
Added RP on twitter.