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Well, my name is Brendan and I've got a major problem, I LOVE LIBERTY! It all really started for me in December 2006 driving from Gainesville to Jacksonville after watching my friend graduate from UF. On the drive home, my head light went out and I got pulled over. Naturally, the cop asked to search my car and I declined. He then reached for his weapon and told me to get out of the car now. When I did, he jumped in the car and started searching it. Little did I know, there was a tiny (less than a half gram) of marijuana in my bag and that was all she wrote.

That was the traumatic event that lead me to watching documentaries about liberty. And then that January I saw the America: Freedom to Fascism and Dr. Paul's interview with Aaron. I had to know more about this mysterious politician that was saying all the right things. After learning more and becoming a fan of his, hearing that he was running for President of the United States about made me piss myself.

Immediately, it was go time. Me and another guy from FSU decided we needed to do our part. So we started attending Young Republican meetings to debate the war issues, the Federal Reserve and the corporatism that plagues Washington. We converted a few and started our own group on campus. That summer and fall we made hundreds of signs in my garage with paint and hung them everywhere across Tallahassee, especially before football games.

After it was clear Dr. Paul wasn't going to win, I started looking for another campaign to work with. Found a campaign in San Diego with a good candidate, so I packed everything up and drove from Jacksonville to San Diego to get the job. We worked tirelessly (14-16 hour days) for 3 straight months with one day off the whole time. My job was primarily canvassing, phone banking and writing hand written post cards to people thanking them for talking to me. It taught me the true meaning of hard work. We lost that campaign and I'm still fuming that they wouldn't let me do stuff on the internet. The campaign pretty much setup a minimal website and that was all they would do. No facebook, youtube or anything. It was a shame they were so stubborn because we could have done way better.

This was my eye opener that I needed to get really good at internet marketing so that the next time I asked to help a campaign with their internet strategy they would think twice about letting me. So for the last 2 and a half years, I've done nothing but internet marketing. Spent 10's of thousands of dollars on educating myself in various aspects of internet marketing. I'd start listing what all I learned, but that would be as long as a book, so I'll just say I have a firm grasp of all the concepts in internet marketing and have tested most everything. Depending on the situation, I can put together strategies that could crush. There are so many little things that people miss that mean all the difference.

One thing I'm super proud of is that I've lived in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, San Diego, Oceanside, Boston and Costa Rica. Costa Rica was probably the coolest thing I've ever done. Spent 6 months there living a very simple lifestyle and learning the true meaning of Pura Vida. It was an eye opening experience learning about their culture and seeing from outside our borders, what life was like. I'm sure Costa Rica will see me again in the near future.

And that's what leads me to today. I've tried really hard to ignore politics over the last couple of years since I'm soooooo passionate about it. But when Ron Paul finally decided to run again, it sucked me right back in. At first, I was trying to not pay attention, but that didn't last long. Now I'm ready to help Ron Paul win the nomination this cycle. It's like everything in my life has built up to this moment to do something on a grand scale. Hopefully, I'll be able to use my skills to help make it all possible!!

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm honestly shocked you read this far.

Here are a couple of pictures that describe me perfectly.

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Welcome to the forums, Brendan! :)

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Great story and welcome to the forums!