View Full Version : Who wants to help me hand out...?

10-30-2007, 02:41 PM
500 copies of 'Mises and Austrian Economics - A Personal View' by Ron Paul

I am very excited to expose the Austrian school of economics to Ron Paul supporters who aren't familiar with it yet, and there is really no better way to do this than to give out a free book written by Ron Paul himself on the topic! (The books cost 3 dollars to buy from the Mises Institute, but they're free at the Philly rally :D )

I have 500 copies and want to get them all handed out in Philly, but I don't really want to undergo this task myself. I am looking for at least one or two or three other people who are familiar with the topic and who would enjoy educating fellow Ron Paul supports on this topic. Of if you don't know the deal and you just want to hand some out anyways, I suppose that's fine too.

I know it wouldn't be a problem for me to hand them all out myself, but I'd rather not have to deal with porting them around (altogether they weigh around 75 pounds). Anyways, I could use a couple of your guys' support. Please respond to this thread or PM me and we'll work out meeting up so I can give you a hundred or so copies for you to hand out yourself.