View Full Version : "Bomb scare" at Pentagon shuts down morning commute (nothing found)

06-17-2011, 12:39 PM
I don't see this nugget of joy posted yet.


Turns out some dude was hanging out in Arlington Cemetery last night (outside of visiting hours), and the cops picked him up.
He didn't cooperate with them, so they decided they had to find his car at all costs.
They found it close to the Pentagon, and proceeded to completely shut down the area, bringing morning traffic to a standstill.
They found exactly nothing.

I think it's worth noting that if you don't cooperate with the cops, you don't always get waxed for it - sometimes you get the fringe benefit of basically stopping a large chunk of the military industrial complex from working for a couple hours.

I get a smile out of knowing that the police state is getting to the point of stopping itself from operating now.