View Full Version : RonPaulPromos.com -- Group Buy is now beginning!

06-17-2011, 08:40 AM
We're doing an organized group buy for banners and promotional materials every 4 weeks at RonPaulPromos.com. Check it out at www.ronpaulpromos.com/groupbuy (http://www.ronpaulpromos.com/groupbuy)

July 1st we'll be printing the first run of items. 4' x 8' full color banners for as cheap as $30. T-shirts for as cheap as $4.50. How about custom stainless steel flasks for as low as $4.50?

To be part of this group buy, there is NO minimum order. Buy one, buy ten. The more people buy, the cheaper the price gets, plus the people who order the earliest get additional discounts/refunds for getting in early. The first 25% of orders will get 25% off when the group buy is closed and fulfilled.

This is a GREAT way to get the word out this summer, for more than 50% off our 1-unit pricing! Why are we doing this? It lets us buy T-shirts, banner canvas, glassware items and more in BULK which saves us a lot on pricing, AND we get to produce the items in our own print studio at one time, rather than in pieces. We save cash, you save cash, Ron Paul gets elected!