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06-12-2011, 09:01 AM
Economy the issue for N.H. voters

This pessimism is especially striking in a state that has the third-lowest unemployment rate in the nation, but it reflects the fact that in the households of 35 percent of those polled at least one person had been unemployed in the past two years.

“Given that New Hampshire is in much better economic shape than almost any other state, it’s surprising that concern about economic issues is very high,’’

Also striking are the remedies that poll respondents said they would prefer to deal with these problems — responses that run counter to the rollback of social program spending and tax cuts that most candidates in the emerging Republican field now advocate.

Despite the state’s antitax reputation, most poll respondents said they would prefer to reduce the deficit by raising taxes on the wealthy, rather than eliminating federal agencies or cutting spending on Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

Romney 41%
Goul 9%
Paul 6%
everyone else <6%

Romney’s handled some tough situations, and he’s climbed his way out of them.’’
[NH full of MA ex-pats that bailed on the state]

“As far as social issues, we’ve got to worry about that later on,’’ he said. “There’s no time to be playing games with abortion. We’re in real serious trouble.’’

High turnout in the primary, Smith said, means GOP candidates cannot appeal solely to committed activists, who tend to be more conservative than the electorate as a whole. That could benefit Romney, a relative moderate who has been downplaying social issues.

“The advantage that Romney has is, he is a moderate Northeast Republican running in a state where the Republicans are moderate Northeast Republicans,’’ Smith said.

Colgate said, however, he is not sold on the former Massachusetts governor.

“It seems there are a lot of people that have concerns about him, so I need to know more about why they’re so negative on him,’’ he said. “He strikes me as an honest guy and a straight shooter, but there are a lot of people who wouldn’t even consider him.’’
[Faint glimmer of hope]

Health care, which has emerged as a tricky issue for Romney, is a top concern for only 8 percent of New Hampshire’s likely voters.

But a majority, 57 percent, said they do not think everyone should be required to buy health insurance.

Gas prices, though not a major economic worry, are beginning to squeeze, according to the poll. More than half said prices, which average $3.78 per gallon in the state, have become a financial hardship.

Only 3 percent cited the ongoing wars as their top concern, but more than half, 57 percent, said they are dissatisfied with the standing of the United States in the world.

Paul plus all ^^^^ UGH!

Seems like a fairly hostile environment... and I don't mean the snow!

Then again, the Boston Globe is a liberal rag and is spinning this.


06-12-2011, 09:10 AM
3 percent cited the ongoing wars as their top concern, but more than half, 57 percent, said they are dissatisfied with the standing of the United States in the world.

This will need a delicate frame that ties the two together, with a focus on US standing in the world

06-12-2011, 09:20 AM
The survey center doesn't have a report out for this poll yet, but previous ones are here:


our lowest approval levels are with 65+ and Democrats like him better than Republicans or Independents... UGH!


[edit] Oh wait, it looks like they do have poll results online under "related" but you have to register to read them. Also, it says GRAPHIC Results. As obvious as the deception in this article, I'd like to refer anyone who decides to register to a little book called "How to Lie with Charts"...

06-12-2011, 09:29 AM
If this is a negative for us, then we obviously aren't mentoning Harding, Coolidge and the Roaring Twenties often enough.

06-12-2011, 10:45 AM
It looks like the economy will be our strongest suit. Odds of a much worse situation by primary time are sadly pretty good. Playing it up now should resonate later as reality sets in.

Taxing the rich is too little too late even if it was philosophically palatable. Dr. Paul's solution of; we can keep the wars going or we can take care of people here [SS, Medicare] will start to look better and better. This also could be tied in with our standing in the world.

06-12-2011, 08:14 PM
Channel Five here is ABC. i'm a baystater. earlier today CNN
ran a glitzy commercial boasting of their N.H debate coverage.
from what i briefly saw, they did not slight Dr. Ron Paul at all.

06-13-2011, 11:51 AM

CNN has a completely opposite take, and claims that:

In this new political climate, issues that matter to libertarians, strict constitutionalists and fiscal conservatives are moving to center stage

06-13-2011, 11:55 AM
If this is a negative for us, then we obviously aren't mentoning Harding, Coolidge and the Roaring Twenties often enough.

Yup. I'm afraid that the retired folks are scared to death that he will take away their Social Security and that they will be out in the streets.

06-13-2011, 02:05 PM
The 65+ generation, with its close proximity to WWII, believes in the wars and protecting the US by preemptive war, they are perhaps more racist, ignorant, under-educated generation that is still alive...the same demographic but lower class live off the government hand outs and medical care...they are scared of Ron...he needs to drop the whole comment about welfare state is unconstitutional bit and focus on how he would sure up those systems...everyone knows they aren't going to get rid of them...

I bet that is why he polls poorly with 65+ GOP'ers...

And everyone else KNOWS he is right BUT they really don't want the CHANGE that a Paul presidency would bring. The Dems support his anti-wars views I bet.