View Full Version : Heady Times For Activists

Recovering Socialist
10-29-2007, 02:47 PM
I never imagined that democracy was so fragile, I thought all the great things had been accomplished, by great men in the past and all we had to do was enjoy the fruits of their accomplisments.
I never thought I would witness warrantless wiretapping, warrantless mail opening, habeas corpus suspended, banana republic quality vote counting, no right to speedy trial, endless war, torture, end of Geneva Convention, facist charactor assasination, a terror watch list with almost 1M names, an out of control executive branch, starting wars with obvious lies, etc.

The last 6 years and perhaps the last 28 have been a tragedy for America. And tragic times give a opening for great people to rise. Ron Paul is a great American, I would go even further to suggest he is the Martin Luther King or Ghandhi of our times.

These tragic times give us the opportunity to rise up as Americans and defend our democracy and constitution. All the enertia in our great republic is gone, we need to set America on a course back to democracy.

There is a war on, a war on our aspirations to live in constitional democracy. The only question is, will we fight back in this war?

Tragic times can be disheartening but they give the chance to show that we are as great as all the people before us that overcame oppression.

Indeed these are heady times for activists.

-Patrick Rogers