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05-17-2007, 12:36 PM
It's Battle Stations People:

Flood GoPAC and the RNC and jam the phonelines and let them know, respectfully, diplomatically, but forcefully that they had better not try to keep RON PAUL out of the debates. Period, end of story. Everybody must call. Pass this on after YOU call. Thank you so much. Ron Paul, Now more than ever!

GoPAC 202 464 5170

Republican National Committee 202 863 8500

Pass this on across the net.................

05-17-2007, 12:40 PM
Give a little more info for those not in the loop. I'm ringing them as we speak to let them know they better not exclude Ron Paul from any debates.

05-17-2007, 12:56 PM
Aaron Russo, Alex Jones, are advocating the following strategy to head off at the pass any movement to exclude Ron Paul from the debates. This strategy will work as the RNC will get a clear signal to back off.

There is a growing effort within the establishment of the Republican party to exclude Dr. Ron Paul from the debates. We've all heard it the undertones of fear on the FOX network on the post debate comments. You could see the palpable fear in Sean Hannity's eyes and other pundits who intimate that Paul should be dropped. Now, we see an Republican official in Michigan attempt to stir the waters to get Paul removed from the debates. Paul is getting hammered all over the establishment mouthpieces, Fox Noise, Rush, Bortz, Hannity, John Gibson, Malkin, ad nauseum. WE THE PEOPLE have to step up and tell them to not exclude Ron Paul from the debates.

So we need to let the RNC know how we feel.

So lets call, fax and email them, diplomatically, respectfully, in a no-nonsense way. Lets give them the business for the next many days until they get the clear and unalterable message, PAUL STAYS.

RNC should be the primary focus.

Phone: 202 863 8500

fax: 202 863 8820

email: info@gop.com (http://info@gop.com)

05-17-2007, 01:27 PM
Some tools for free faxing of emails to fax:


RNC Fax: 202 863 8820

05-17-2007, 01:43 PM
Megan who is Mr Anuzis' assistant can take your call here if it's an emergency: 517-488-4784

I'd say trying to ban Dr. Ron Paul from any further debates would justify that.

Here is the article mention Mr. Anuzis' intent: http://www.mlive.com/newsflash/michigan/index.ssf?/base/news-44/117935695635230.xml&storylist=newsmichigan

05-17-2007, 01:48 PM
I just called the RNC number and the woman was really nice. She said I was about the 400th caller today and that people should be calling the Michigan Republican Party at 517-487-5413. She said they at the RNC do not feel Ron Paul should be excluded from the debate "at all" and to call Michigan. She was sweet. She said they're all just up there doing their own thing and watching the news on immigration. :)

05-17-2007, 01:52 PM
Good job people, let them know that they are violating the Constitution and preventing free speech. Call everyday this week, get family members and your friends to call them. Let the voices be heard, or else let the REVOLUTION begin!

05-17-2007, 02:01 PM
Had a lovely conversation with a person who answered the phone at that Michigan number. I told him the other lady said that her office in Washington had fielded over 400 calls ... and he said they can EASILY top that.





05-17-2007, 02:15 PM
Just got off the phone with the Michigan office. I talked to a very nice woman who said they have a website where the Chairman posted an update today. I didn't write it down. I think it was mi.gop.com or something.

I suggest everyone email in addition to call because she said they're forwarding all emails to the Chairman.

She was very courteous and kind while I told her what I thought about it all.

Hawaii Libertarian
05-17-2007, 02:15 PM
Michael Steele, former Lt Gov of Maryland and leader of GOPAC is a loser. He recently tried to run for governor of Maryland as a "moderate" Republican and he got beaten badly. His campaign TV commercials were a joke and he's the last person a Republican candidate would want to emulate if they want to win. :mad:

Anyway, what I did was e-mail GOPAC with the Accuracy in Media article about Giuliani's conflict of interest using the "send to a friend feature" which also allows you to add your own comments.


05-17-2007, 05:24 PM
i left my phone message for the GOP last night.

05-17-2007, 06:37 PM
I called and left an recorded message on the #5 the political office. because the commissioners phone recorder #9 was already full and could not take any other messages.

Stated my full name. Said I was a registered republican.
I said I was very disappointed in there view of trying to take Dr. Ron Paul out of the debates. And in the America I know it's all about freedom and your office is going against those principals of a free democracy. I'm asking you too keep my candidate in the running and that's Dr. Ron Paul for President for 2008.

Thanks you,
full name

05-17-2007, 06:40 PM
Here are the emails for most GOP commitee members for all 15 Michigan districts.

joel@firstgop.com, haggards@freeway.net, eyedocschott@jamadots.com, bschafer@amazinisp.com, M.tryban@sbcglobal.net, dbirgel@amazinisp.com, bodemb@deepnet.net, samhunt59@yahoo.com, houghtongop@yahoo.com, pma@up.net, carolper@charter.net, ajstack@cupoftheday.com, huizengaforhouse@charter.net, zrnews@chartermi.net, koensja@co.muskegon.mi.us, holmes@hope.edu, jack@ottawagop.org, leidigp@gvsu.edu, janicemccraner1@msn.com, KOlson@mirealtors.com, piermanjp@verizon.net, runnels@triton.net, kim@pagline.com, rhouskamp@neuralplanet.net, Shana@TerriLynnLand.com, aemmitt7153@yahoo.com, dave@fieldstream.biz, aemmitt7153@yahoo.com, jfaye404040@sbcglobal.net, scottwgreenlee@yahoo.com, sgreenlee@kentgop.org, mcneil@seyferthpr.com, sgmbill@core.com, jccurtin40@hotmail.com, stevesr@rudoni.com, thorsen@alma.edu, sbklh5509@charter.net, fpconn@sbcglobal.net, sbklh5509@charter.net, stevesr@rudoni.com, tftriebes@earthlink.net, gwall@voyager.net, mtushmoo@yahoo.com, agentamy21@aol.com, dakrueger2k@yahoo.com, prudyadam@sysmatrix.net, agentamy21@aol.com, bythenumbers06@gmail.com, redwoodt02@chartermi.net, ctayoung@sbcglobal.net, ghildenbra@aol.com, KarenV@qtm.net, sarahherwick@chartermi.net, rvimgrund@earthlink.net, corwinam@aol.com, maxwell_d@hotmail.com, rvimgrund@earthlink.net, learyt@vbco.org, mrrolling@hotmail.com, dreamin1222@sbcglobal.net, wdseelig@ncms.org, annenorlander@hotmail.com, secretary@jacksonrepublicans.com, cknoblauch@qtwave.net, mellenba@yahoo.com, HillsdaleAgency@sbcglobal.net, HCFPOL@Yahoo.com, ggreen38@aol.com, LolaPete@sbcglobal.net, miketroutman1@sbcglobal.net, larryjward@peoplepc.com, borisjoann@aol.com, michellehyne55@aim.com, trebesm@lcc.edu, allanfilip@yahoo.com, kangasw@clinton-county.org, pinegop@aol.com, shinkle@cablespeed.com, hallelujahllw@aol.com, denisecern@aol.com, glennclark116@aol.com, DeBackerD@aol.com, jim.duistermars@eds.com, rmccoy8952@aol.com, ttm06@hotmail.com, teresa@spectramedinc.com, randystl@charter.net, macombrepublicanwomen@usa.com, tom.holdwick@hdtinfo.com, homes@loribabcock.com, rrbabin@prodigy.net, mhildebrand@scevs.com, tkowal@shelbytwp.org, PViar@ShelbyTwp.org, shannongprice@yahoo.com, tmsfazio@aol.com, PaulineMorency@aol.com, peterabbo@sbcglobal.net, lauralcox@hotmail.com, matt@mikecox2006.com, amunfakh@comcast.net, idamshelly@aol.com, jwalsh424@aol.com, buchholtz@comcast.net, wjnearon@wowway.com, Patjohnw@peoplepc.com, bristow1@msu.edu, jpopelier@sbcglobal.net, bothmichals@sbcglobal.net, ferngop@cs.com, buchholtz@comcast.net, wjnearon@wowway.com, l22nichols@aol.com, ejt8@comcast.net, Angeliquerea@yahoo.com, michaela5388@aol.com, jacobsoc@civic.ci.detroit.mi.us, jchouinard@finsvcs.com, eceinc@earthlink.net, jt8@comcast.net, Lindas156@aol.com, jtatejr@gmail.com, kmastney@aol.com, ackoester@comcast.net, britoria@yahoo.com, slh@hlhpc.com, rajarosz@sbcglobal.net, lmchugh@wowway.com, america2001@mac.com, dmvigh@sbcglobal.net, Margyvh@comcast.net, rojoby@aol.com, leadft13@comcast.net, tkleczynski@aol.com, wendy.carter@thomson.com, susanleemigop@yahoo.com, elmonfjm@aol.com, wjrunco@aol.com, fvvernuccio@avemarialaw.edu, yentzerm@comcast.net