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05-30-2011, 12:56 AM
I'm looking at putting these words into an endorsement type video aimed at Christian Conservatives. I grew up in the church and went to school at Liberty University so most of my friends fall in the "social conservative", huck supporter camp. Read this over if you will and let me know if anything sounds out of whack. BTW, I did talk about abortion, but only because that's pretty crucial when talking to these people.


There is a destructive concept that has grown to engulf the core of Christian Conservatives across the country. This concept relies on a serious departure from the purpose and principle of true liberty and contradicts what we so boldly embrace in the freedom of choice to follow Jesus. My point is not to argue the morality of social issues, but to discuss the ability or even wisdom in legislating these issues.

Why would we expect people to act like someone they are not? I grew up in the church and have seen first hand respectable leaders fall prey to sin. This is expected because we are human. What I don't understand is the genius notion that we should apply the social morality of the bible (which we have trouble upholding) to people who don't follow Jesus. We're honestly just setting ourselves and everyone under these rules up for failure. Now, I understand that you can't give up on something because you will fail, but it certainly leads us to ask if this is the best method for making disciples in our nation.

For years the Christian Church relied on a "thump you over the head with the Bible" bully tactic that lead many people to believe, but even more people to see the Church for what it had become, a hateful, judgmental, self-righteous group of pretenders. Some people still do this, but most of us understand that it is love through service and an honest representation of the Truth that most accurately portrays the love that God has for each one of us. It's about time we extend this concept into the political arena by supporting legalization of social morality such as Gay Marriage, Drugs, and Prostitution (among others). This is not to say that we should support these things. Quite the contrary. I do not personally endorse any of these practices and in the event of legalization would obviously support healthy regulation, especially of drugs, so that they do not become harmful to children of threaten the life of anyone else.

As I recall, God did place the one forbidden tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden and therefore supplied a choice. He also supplies us a choice today through the blood of His Son. Who are we to make this choice and yet deny others a choice of their own just because we think we are more capable of making it for them . Don't you think God could have made our choice for us and just been done with it? The beauty of the love that we find in God is twofold, that He loves us regardless of our choice and that our love for Him holds greater capacity because it is freely chosen. So let us likewise love those who choose to defy the morality of God and return to them the capacity to make the better decision on their own. In the process, perhaps we will have an opportunity to tell them about the love of God. It's pretty hard to do that when someone is fighting for the right to make their own decisions. Lets deal with issues of the heart before we try and fix the outer appearance of that issue.

The problem with Social Conservatism in it's very definition is that you cannot stand for Liberty and the right to choose in one area and deny that right in another. The only major area where I believe this does not hold up is on the issue of abortion which clearly affects the life of another human being (right to life). It simply isn't logical to fight for religious freedom or the right to bear arms while denying the choice to behave with another consenting adult in whatever way a person desires.

This even extends into fiscal conservatism where the core principle is that if we embrace individual responsibility and allow people to reap the consequences of their financial choices, they will be forced to stop relying on other people to fix the mistakes they made. Liberty and responsibility go hand in hand. If we want to see increased responsibility, we need only to return Liberty and wait for the natural consequences to correct the poor decisions.

There are many more practical arguments for the legalization of these three issues, but all are pragmatic and inferior to the principles of liberty and personal responsibility that we enjoy everyday.