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What is public enemy number one? For us? For Democracy? An uninformed public. So lets educate them...they currently aren't getting educated fast enough with the media blackout.

Recently someone posted about making a radio commercial for Ron Paul in the style of an emergency bulletin. That is a good idea, but maybe not the best way to use that great idea.

We need a non-profit organization to make public service announcements in various cities, using our own special tone, announcing very damaging legislation on the hill and asking the public to act by contacting their representative voicing their opinion.

These bulletins can inform and warn people, but really what it is doing is informing people about Ron Paul's stances without mentioning his name. This can also wake up the public urging them to get more informed about who is running for president.

This kind of radio announcements can be very helpful and incredibly short and using radio is cheaper, but not the cheapest. Ya know maybe with all of us donating to Ron Paul's campaign we don't have any money left to run these radio spots; so lets run newspaper ads like this. We all know that the newspaper is almost as bias as tv and radio so even just running these ads in the newspaper will get people thinking and spreading the word about freedom slipping away.

Send the newspaper ad to your local radio station with a write up they could use and who knows maybe the local less-bias ratings loving news shows will pick it up.

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"Uninformed public"?

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HEY!! I resemble that remark! Nyukkk - Nyukkk!

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arabs.... lol :P

no no, its the Persians.

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big government

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Economic hitmen

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It seems out of the first 8 replies no one read the post. :)

What do you really think? who wait. You've told me that. How about reading more then the first sentence then respond to more then just the first sentence? Any takers?

note: true the title of the tread should be changed.

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Blindered fools in the thrall of the Priests of Medea..