View Full Version : Atlanta NASCAR: A BOMBER flies over....sheesh

10-28-2007, 04:41 PM
The Granny Warriors were going to be flying a Ron Paul banner over the speedway. I wonder if this could be considered a counterattack...Hmm.

From hannity.com forum. You can go over there to read the rest of the thread.

A bomber flew over the Atlanta Motor Speedway during the singing of the national anthem (at the end) at today's NASCAR race in Atlanta. I saw it on TV.

What the heck!? Why is it that when the national anthem is sung, they sometimes fly military jets, and now a bomber? IS this what America is all about- the military?

The answer is no. America is not all about military. But the New World Order fed gov wants you to believe otherwise, and keep fighting more wars for decades, even centuries to come.