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Bradley in DC
10-28-2007, 12:03 AM

Will Ron Paulís Airwave Strategy Work?

by Orlando

Ron Paul is taking to the airwaves. He will be launching TV and radio commercials in primary states with the hope of making an impact. With just over two months until the first primaries, few experts think he will make a credible showing in these early contests. There is, however, research in the area of political ads worth noting for the Paul campaign.

Drs. Linda Kaid and Keith Sanders from the University of Oklahoma and Southern Illinois University have studied the effect of commercials. There analysis indicated the following:

Issue commercials resulted in higher candidate evaluation while image commercials resulted in greater recall of content. Higher evaluation of the candidate was achieved by five-minute commercials, but no significant difference in content recall attributable to length was present. An interaction between type and length of commercials surfaced on the voting variable, and the 60-second issue commercial appeared to be slightly superior to other combinations.

In other words, the 60 second spots were the most effective in recognition but 5-minute commercials were valuable in getting the message out.

Negative ads seem to be the norm when behind but the research by Drs. Lau, Sigelman, Heldman, and Babbit indicate they have little effect despite their popularity. Dr. Kim Kahn of Arizona State found gender differences among political ad effectiveness. As she states, ďMen tend to concentrate on economic issues, while women are much more likely to discuss social issues such as education and health policy.Ē

Dr. Paulís ads could be effective but it all depends how they are done. In the end, nearly all candidates trailing as far as Ron Paul have not made up that ground even with television ads. It will take more then ads to move him to the forefront of the Republican pack.