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10-27-2007, 10:13 PM
I think this came from the USA Today

Paul Poses Serious Threat to Hillary Clinton in a General Election Match up Larry Fester
Published 09/12/2007 - 8:44 p.m. EDT

Analysis: The antiwar Republican congressman from Texas poses a serious threat to Hillary Clinton and potential Democratic rivals in the general election.

The presidential race has to a great extent turned into a two issue campaign, immigration and the war in Iraq. Democratic candidates are capitalizing on popular antiwar sentiments among the public but are swimming up stream by apparently supporting President Bush’s policy of turning a blind eye toward illegal immigration and unsecured borders.

Republicans running for president, unless sentiments change, are generally positioned against public opinion with their support for the war, however, they are riding the tide of public opinion when it comes to securing the borders and stopping illegal immigration and terrorists from entering the country. (Even if half of them are faking it)

Two Presidential candidates, Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul, clearly support protecting U.S. borders from illegal immigration and terrorist attacks. Both candidates have opposed President Bush’s seeming support of the Council On Foreign Relations plans to replace the United States with a North American Union by integrating North America and erasing national boundaries.

Ron Paul sets himself apart from other Republicans by being decidedly antiwar. In a general election this may actually put Paul at a decided advantage over Hillary Clinton and most of her Democratic rivals. Paul will likely steal the thunder from Clinton’s antiwar rhetoric since he voted against the Iraq war that Hillary Clinton voted for.

At least among those voters that believe the Iraq war was a mistake, including Democrats, Paul will demonstrate his foresight was better than Clinton’s.

In a general election on the issue of protecting U.S. borders, Paul would likely ride public opinion with his support for protecting U.S. borders while Clinton would be positioned against public opinion.

Paul is generally considered more credible with his popular positions on the war and immigration than his Democratic rivals.

Paul certainly isn’t the only Republican that would give Clinton a run for her money he is however, the only Republican that would be getting energized support from both Republican and the Democratic base voters.

Of course, winning the Republican primary is still an uphill battle at this point, unless of course Paul can effectively argue that he is the most likely Republican to win a general election, which only GOP primary voters can decide.


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