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05-14-2011, 12:35 AM
Hey I just put this together and I am not sure what forum to put it in. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and share it with people you know.

Its no coincidence that fight rhythms with right

Catch my insight and let your soul take flight

Hear my plight and harness Americaís true might

Just ignore the ignorance and see the light

Because beyond your eyes youíll find true sight

The wools been pulled over your eyes like eternal night

When Jesus cured the blind it was actually a state of mind

And to your neighbor be kind

Any stranger you meet

Invite them to take a seat

Cause whoever they are youíll find you have more in common with them than the power elite

And it is tragic

That those who practice black magic

Will take our liberties, piece by piece prick by prick

And you eat up the mainstream, every word, every guitar lick

Until their every subliminal message starts to stick

Itís the same old sorcery

Combining plausible deniability

With ambiguous terminology

To ensure those who are the most hopelessly enslaved falsely believe they are free

But donít you see, the system depends on you and me

Thomas Jefferson said enlighten the population generally

And tyranny will flee from sea to shining sea

Gather the troops and break their levee

Every sovereign person should stand tall

Even if our back is to the wall

And Stand behind our principals always like Ron Paul

To realize our potential

It starts with you taking the red pill

And ignore their endless propaganda shill

Because the truth is that

Fate itself will shudder at our will.