View Full Version : Need a Story-Board Creator for New Massive Social Network That will Help Ron Paul

05-04-2011, 04:53 PM
This is the beginng of the story-board and also its purpose

Our CORE VALUES is to make every individual responsible for making a positive change. The site will be incorporated with self-help functions available to find your purpose. If you don't have a purpose or feel the need to find a purpose this entire program will be based on helping you do that. With the message of peace, and love you will be honored to know that these principles will lead cause growth and leave a seed planted for all your effort. There are plenty of tools to educate your rights as a human being. Besides rights, this interactive world thrives off of spirituality as a choice and you can co-create an atmosphere for those personal choices. As long as this world functions it will sustain new evergrowing culture and prosperity. Everything this world offers is based
on personal choices, and following the principle of freedom.

First you start off watching a splash page with customized video messages as a news ticker. There will be headlines where you get to watch and the possibility of donating to. After that, you go to your zip code and start to create as a moderator or join a group that suites your interests. You can invite all your friends from Facebook, gmail, or yahoo. Also, you can join a topic or interest and find one local to you.
After you see the Splash page. You see an option which is to join a group. You select to register and give your details. You then choose to pick what your avatar looks like as well as perks, and skills.He or she will see a message pop up after a bright aura comes into contact with a sapling and grows out of it. The NPC is named John summoned by you and appears telling you a backstory of what to do next. He says Welcome, ____. Give your name to him. As you know this world was destroyed by humanity. Our sacred tree is the last chance we have to making a new world. Our God has given it the ability to help us in this day of grace. The NPC will state "I will let everyone who wins the victory eat from the life-giving tree in God's wonderful garden". I want you to bury this sapling right here, and let it grow by giving it offerings. (You are directed on how to give the tree offerings.) You are given one communication tool. You name the group, you leave a headline, group description, call your members a certain name, give a web address. Give your name and email. Topics categorize and describe what your Meetup Group is about in a word or two. Pick up to 15 topics for your Giving Tree Group. (Reference Meetup.com for these ideas.)

The NPC says if you are the group leader, you get to let new players send you private messages to join the group or public join your group. I want you to assign who is going to be able to read your message board. Write any of your ideas in this brainstorming section. You have the choice to keep portions of it community-oriented and your other choice is private.

You get your first quest or you can continue to communicate on Giving Tree. Once you give it an offering. NPC gives you a riddle and you solve it by figuring out how to beat the riddle. Then you gain access to a communication tool that gets activated. This allows you to enter in your status of skills.

You are being directede by consciousness to free the spirits back to earth that have been lost. The tree sends a graphical chart of communication to the leaders which can be private or public. It can have several questions pre-set. Like how many members you had versus next month. Who is attending the most groups. Who is least attending the groups. (Keep thinking of more questions.) You have one circle and each circle adds a new idea with options that are on the village tree. There will be contract items that come from non-playing characters and specific situations.Then you see your group's page with a mission statement. It shows what activities it is associated with and is happening. The Giving Tree will gain ideas as new professions and activities or interests that individuals bring to the table. There will also be a way to contact the moderator. Stats on fans, group reviews, past meetups, calender and organizer or group leader. A latest activity from mebers. Other nearby groups with similar activities. You see a map of skills fitting the quota of what skills you need for a village. Having all the skills can transform the communication and building ideas. Your entire communication on a state-wide level can have some topics go back to group and others go to state-wide.