View Full Version : Shirt Idea, perhaps need graphic designer

05-03-2011, 11:54 PM
So I was thinking about how we need to ramp up on the grassroots level and start designing various flyers that were short, concise, and designed to convert those that cared about certain key issues over to Ron Paul, or at the very least to open their eyes and make them think. Then I thought... why don't we have any shirts that had a specific issue (Civil Rights, Prohibition, Empire, Taxes, etc.) on the back, and then a concise list of quotes or the important voting record of Ron Paul on the back? On the front could be in the top right corner just a typical "Ron paul 2012" sign, or whatever. My main point, though, is that we should have a line of a few shirts, each containing quotes or a voting record of an individual and important issue that will catch people's attention as they stand in line behind you, or sit behind you in class or at the movies. Does anyone else think this may be a good idea, with all proceeds going to the campaign?