View Full Version : Did we forget 9/11? Why did it take 10 years to get OBL? - Jack Hunter [VIDEO]

Matt Collins
05-02-2011, 08:16 PM

05-02-2011, 08:28 PM
Ron Paul can focus the analysis on the success of the intelligence missions. Ron Paul supported the early work in Afghanistan. He mentioned that Osama bin Laden (OBL) was probably in Pakistan, so this operation falls in line with the original objective. We have success in the beginning and now at what might be the end of the Al-Qaeda chapter.
Did we really need all that other junk and Mission Creep in between?

Mission Creep and not sticking to the original plan is where RP should take his stand.

05-02-2011, 08:42 PM
Unfortunately, Jack, OBL was NEVER the real reason for the so-called war on terror. BTW, you failed to calculate the cost of losing our liberties into our pursuit of those pesky terrorists, Jack. War is the health of the state. I wonder if the next series of tornadoes will wipe D.C. off the map... Although tragic and certainly not an act of God, America could breath a sigh of collective relief...at least for awhile.

05-02-2011, 09:25 PM
I thougt Jack did great here.

05-02-2011, 11:10 PM
I thougt Jack did great here.

I did too. It is important, when making certain very important points, to remain within a certain narrative whether the auxiliary points of the narrative are true or not. Jack planted the seed that RP was the only guy who was right on Bin Laden from day one, and did it in a way that neocons and war hawks cannot arbitrarily dismiss out of hand.

05-05-2011, 04:30 PM
I agree and if Ron Paul is to succeed he needs to be careful and actually follow the example of his son handling the tea side of the Republican party base. Ron Paul was on Stossel a couple of weeks ago for the mock debate but I swear, every time foreign policy or war issues came up I saw flash backs of 2008. Overall he is right but his style and the use of broad sweeping generalizations and condemnations of war do not get the tea side to listen. It turns them off. Don't get me wrong, RP is right and inside I am there with him cheering, but I know that the war hawks are hungry for fresh meat and because of that, these moments make me cringe. I think it is very important that RP stick to very small bites of info and those that are parsed in "tea code".