View Full Version : Attention all Ron Paul Musicians (THIS COULD BE OUR MOMENT)

Joey Fuller
05-02-2011, 06:37 PM
I believe Ron Paul was dead on when he said this:


We need young people and music...

We can capitalize on all of this Obama the Egotist and Osama bin Laden the Terrorist with Nine Lives...

Someone needs to write a song.. folksy/acoustic/Johnny Cash style..

It would be an ANTI-WAR SONG and would name drop:
The Unconstitutional Patriot Act
The Trillions Spent in Endless Wars
the 5000 plus dead American Soldiers

it took to kill one man...

An Antiwar and Antiobama song would be a huge hit...

Throw in a youtube video of Obama dancing on the Ellen Show, playing golf, the TSA molesting us and American troops in Iraq/Afghanistan and BOOM.. a potential viral video to promote Ron Paul 2012 and the antiwar message.

I am working on this right now... Problem is I am not a musician but my friend is.. I just hope he has time to work me into his schedule..

So, please steal this idea and make it your own..

You could include pro Ron Paul lyrics, have the guitarist/singer wearing a Ron Paul 2012 shirt.. there are so many angles/ideas...

Here is my previous attempt at mixing pop culture, music, and a End the Fed message to reach the masses...