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Create and maintain a virtual interactive community portal using a comprehensive website and social networking to
help individuals and organizations achieve their goals and make a difference in their community, to give people a
sense of purpose in their lives, and to make the world a better place to live in.

The Website:

The website is an online portal used by individuals and organizations to pair individual resources together to
achieve common goals and achieve the mission of the organization.

Our Idea:

We feel that through the use of this tool, people will be able to brainstorm, gain unity, inspiration, creativity,
and combine personal skills, strengths, and achievements together to achieve their individual and collective

Benefits to the Users:

A feeling of purpose, help to achieve their goals, help to change their community, feeling of inner peace.

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Our CORE VALUES is to make every individual responsible for making a positive change. The site will be

incorporated with self-help functions available to find your purpose. If you don't have a purpose or feel the need

to find a purpose this entire program will be based on helping you do that. With the message of peace, and love

you will be honored to know that these principles will lead cause growth and leave a seed planted for all your

effort. There are plenty of tools to educate your rights as a human being. Besides rights, this interactive world

thrives off of spirituality as a choice and you can co-create an atmosphere for those personal choices. As long as

this world functions it will sustain new evergrowing culture and prosperity. Everything this world offers is based

on personal choices, and following the principle of freedom.

Communication Tools:

First you start off watching a splash page with customized video messages as a news ticker. There will be

headlines where you get to watch and the possibility of donating to. After that, you go to your zip code and start

to create as a moderator or join a group that suites their interests.

You will be greeted to an NPC who holds a seed and gives a backstory to the place and sends you loving messages

and believes you have the ability to do it this is a test from God to see if you can fix the village and free the

spirits back to earth that have been lost. The tree sends a graphical chart of communication. You have one circle

and each circle adds a new idea with options that are on the village tree. There will be contract items that come

from non-playing characters and specific situations.

You gain access to an address book as a reminder to promote and tell people about this website. If they refer you

you get additional tree offerings.

You as the moderator can customize the beginning interface of the Giving Tree.The NPC tells you to finish

conversation with you to find out what type of village or group you're creating. He gives you an offering which

opens up new communication network. The tree as it grows will unlock new communications and become more efficient

from earning offerings or points on the tree.

The NPC will give you a tool which allows you to send ideas to the next county such as the birth of the new group.

First stage can only contact with group then when given permission can make contact with larger group. The

announcement that they can send them private messages until the tree grows and allows more communication. The

status tool will announce if new causes and network have opened. Need to finish a quest given by NPC to join

larger state group.Also, buildings they have under contract we'll be announced. Moderator has to solve a puzzle

before they get to talk to another leader. All people in the group can respond to them with a welcome message.

Certain skills from an individual will be able to help a new village. Put up a message board on the Giving Tree.

Ask NPC about it in a circle. In another circle, the Giving Tree can show you a overhead map of your village or

group and you can send announcements to neighboring causes and organizations.A message board will have a section

to ask for certain demands from a certain skill which will benefit both individuals. The amount of sections will

grow you can moderate will expand into a better message board and one catering to its specific core values.

What are tree communications upgrade tools? A tool can allow you to begin making communicate abilities. Then

when you are more experienced the tool can make you see a global map with surrounding groups. Give the tree items

that are asked from the NPC and the tree will grow allowing more communications. You can govern a building that

you are enlisted for. Leaders can assign tasks for skills and they can create their own idea of what building they

are hosting. At the discretion of the group, the moderator can determine if all can join or not.

Has a brainstorming section which looks like a pie. That section can grow with more contracts completed. People

can exchange ideas and later they change into a project. There will be a project tool and it adds various ideas

like brainstorming, core values, and assigning skills to it. You can ask for NPC from various buildings you

created to aid you in help by giving a tax on offering. They need offerings to sustain themselves as well as

Giving Tree.

The group leader comes up with a mission statement and a purpose.Some ideas can be private or public. The

Moderator or group leader can manually allow the communication to be customized. Depending on the purpose of the

group the npc will explain what the group's soul purpose is for after asking group leader. This could be changed

with the moderator's discretion.

There will be no money it is all collateral from giving the NPC items. The NPC then gives the tree an offering.

The NPC. There will be a stats feature that comes everyday which shows prosperity, art, overall participation,

communication, research, ideas, awards, events, etc. this will all be recorded and handled for public or private

viewing by the moderator.

Buildings that are open to upgraded individual are art gallery, Concert, Town Crier, Zoo, Planetarium, Greenhouse,

Gym, Workshop, General Store, Movie Theatre, Peace Organizer, Arcade and Library. Concert is when people can watch

music videos hosted, read lyricism, can vote on who is the best act, support their favorite musicians by starting

a date when they can send donations. Once you get a unique item from a quest you can travel to the musicians group

where you greet fans around the world and interact more with the musician. Art Gallery is a place they can see

world-wide contests to vote who is best, donations to specific artistsGym is a place where people can share diet

plans, or exercise programs and meet up with trainers. Their avatar grows in size because of gym.Create fashion

store where people can get their fashion desires. Allow people to donate to the fashion store materials or

clothes. Leave their wardrobe in their house. Unique items can be turned into fashion with the fashion store they

will then be sorted around the village or group. A Workshop helps you create unique items by combining the

ingredients of items. There will be an alchemy book found and added to the workshop later in the game. A Newspaper

which will give you moderated news from all the moderators that will go to the larger group. There will be

automatic funny sections coming from makers of game to act as an exception. General Store has all different items

you can use as part of the atmosphere. You can buy one unique item a day from the customer service. Arcade comes

from a contract and you will be able to find mini-games and put them in your arcade.

There will be a peace organization that allows everyone to join and see their idealism, and people who promote it.

There will be items that are sponsored from various businesses. Greenhouse is a place you can leave exotic plants

and people can interact with the surroundings. Joining causes will add a new bubble to your communication tool.

Museum will be a place that you setup exotic items and can be upgraded with more points to the Giving

Tree.Planetarium will spread knowledge about our planets. People will be able to leave scientific articles inside

of building. Moderator can organize them to where they suppose to be.Animal store will provide animals you can buy

as pets. A pet gives extra communication tools depending on the type of animal you buy.

Movie Theatre this depends on whether we get a company to allow us to present movies on our network. This shows

trailers from new films. There will be trivia and quizes about actors and movies. Movie stars can have their own

individual and a donation feature will come when you enter the movie theatre based on your favorite star. You can

interact with musicians by doing a quest and finding out the sanctuary of the musicians and their fans. Zoo

changes when it upgrades and the more quests are done you have a chance of finding a unique animal that can be put

inside of the zoo. You can take pictures of animals and add them to your personal collection of pictures. The Town

Crier is going to host allow participation in fun polls. Allow options for some things to be allowed or disallowed

depending on moderator policy. There will be elections held in this building. Complaints from its members on how

to change their village. You can be anonymous it depends on moderators decision. Mountain or picnic these areas

could be created to do specific ideas from the calender dates. Get unique items from NPCs on that day.Furniture

store which will sell furniture providing the aesthetic designs. Make an Electronic Store which will sell TVs,

computers, videogames, etc. Some of these offer a pathway to create new communication choices.There will be a

science lab to come up with new lab results that are created from unique items. Can change the research amount by

giving up more offerings to the Giving Tree.

Fishing is a productive way of finding items to donate to the general store and in return get points from Giving

Tree.Religious Structures will be able to host their own pre-sets which could be a bible or a koran. There will be

a lot of literature around left by moderators. Companies can donate to the church. The church can get organized

with other local churches and start a cause. Follow Jesus's example in helping people.


With this prototype we need to come up with which building will be designed first as its importance after the

Giving Tree. We need to have an idea of what the contract would look like? A lot of the "Quests" that are left

behind by an NPC are puzzles which when you solve you win an item; unique or rare. Contracts happen a lot of times

from the buildings you surround yourself with.


Look at the following games for ideas for this game. River City Ransom, Ogre Battle N64, Mario Party, Soul Blazer,

the Sims. Create a Monopoly-Like system for a game and win unique items. Create a visionary NPC that talks about

philosophy from all your ideas. He can be programmed to walk around and talk about history or famous inventors or

visionaries.Create a radio station and allow your music or message to be played. Put in a link to support their

music. Put in a link to Skype somewhere here.You can buy a dog from the animal store or other pet. Each contains

special messages and puzzles from raising them.

Besides the skill system, we can offer perks given at every level gained to help your own individual growth. Ask

NPC next to tree for help on that.

Work with makers of puzzles. Every puzzle is worth a certain amount of points and whenever you unlock a puzzle you

gain more points. Every unique item when put into village has a puzzle on it. There are some multiplayer puzzles.

There are hints but lowers your points. A dialogue appears next to the puzzle when finished. Winning multiple

puzzle unlocks unique items. More points adds to your tree for puzzles solved.

Make a views section the highest views make the video go to top. The calender reveals special unique dates that

the groups can participate in like Pie Eating Contest, find fortune cookies, a 30 day song challenge. Your least

favorite song and best song. Make someone drop off a note inside a bottle and it goes off to sea and someone can

read it in the future on their beach. Make pre-set template designs. Make people visiting your own able to barter

with you or drop off items at the delivery system in the General Store. Make trophies that goes into a treasure

room. Drop off letters and do a mailing system. You can create your own television station like music, news, Sci-

Fiction, Sports, History and Discovery. There will be a customized playlist for each individual. Also, expand the

history of your village and create a visual presentation of its growth while looking in the library. You can have

a doctor in your town that provides self-help channel.Use ideas from other organizations, groups or individuals

for a chance to get on the front page. Contrary to that,anyone new to the group will show themselves as new and

given certain privileges and not all privileges.

University can start a cause and clubs. You can get grants. Be a political officer and start a campaign. Do

scholarships from businesses. Plan out your calender with notes. Create an awards section for all the personal

accomplishements are given and they are hosted on the website.


Build a contact list of all your friends, businesses or organizations

Make specific groups with the sole purpose of teaching others and with a purpose of culture. There will be a pre-

set that asks what kind of structure do you want creating and with that decision will give you options to create

communities with different objectives, goals, and various conditions for each group.Each group will experience

something different then the next group. Incorporate Facebook features for connecting to people.

Have a circle-like system stemming from the Giving Tree. In the future, make a circle that can make requests to

other groups in a different state. There will be a recorded History Box at the bottom of the page like the game

Civilization. You will hear history coming from the entire world.

Create a brainstorming circle connected to the Tree. You can add videos, pictures or comments. You can view

people's skills from here. Can put in two or more perspectives and allows a vote to democracy. A karate master

will put in martial arts. A drama that will have a broadway play. You gain more abilities the more you create

activism and participate. There will be themes you can select for all ideas created by web team or by fanbase.

You can view all the comparisons between you and other individuals with how many people are friended with you,

their musical and movie interests. Have an idea for creating the group and state-wide culture as a brainstorming

idea. People will be able to vote or choose moderator to choose idea. Skills, activities, and cultural experiences

from each individual will create different items from their own attributes. Upgrades from brain-storming mean that

they can publish it for the world to see. There will be a section on the front page which looks like a lightbulb

and it says brain-storming ideas on it. Ideas could be featured on the newspaper. A Daily Message of Peace will be

used with quotations and picked from people who vote in the message as they freely can send in quotations and

video (using this as an example) to the Peace Movement or Peace Cause.

There will be all sorts or random movements or Causes placed through the world and your network or community can

link up to them by group or individuals can link up with any of them. Individuals can promote music events or

musicians and cause them to raise money from their movement and cause. Everyone will have a chance to help by

promoting the musicians. I need to find help on how the people will get a chance to help without sending donations

to the artist or politician. Don't make things overopinionated make it a safe haven for people who want to do

action-oriended movements. Use Facebook 'Like' to join Facebook pages.
There will need to be a report flag for people doing something bad. No violent messages. You can use applications

to change the interface. You can barter or trade with other groups when you put up an auction. You can always

cancel out the item you placed or contract and just send it to the tree to gain more points.

Tree Attributes:

There should be Prosperity, Love, Peace, Village growth, NPC. Keep this history at the library. When the tree gets

large you can now work with people in a different zip code nearby.

Personal Attributes:

How many missions or meetings have you done, what your status is, the more groups you participate the more items

you can permanently have, keep brainstorming. Whatever skills you choose at the beginning you'll be offered props

that resonate with the skill. People can gain new perks and skills when they achieve more.

Items / Special Events:

You can receive Telescope, cell phones, furniture, walls, home, games, plants, coffee, food, drinks, cell Phone,

car if you put an effort into the virtual world.

Create trees with saplings some have bees so be careful! People attending a special summit on the mountain event.

Rare items sold by NPC. See a world-wide concert. Have speeches done from this concert. Tree will send messages of

peace, love, and joy. Leave a quote on tree from yourself and others can read it for inspiration. Use music videos

to go along with idea.