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04-28-2011, 04:19 AM
The catch-all phrase, “War on Terrorism,” in all honesty, has no more meaning than if one wants to wage a war against criminal gangsterism. It's deliberately vague and non-definable to justify and permit perpetual war anywhere, and under any circumstances. Don't forget: the Iraqis and Saddam Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with any terrorist attack against us including that on 9/11.
-Ron Paul

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Thomas R. Eddlem, freelance writer and contributor to The New American, discusses his article on a Tea Party founder’s legal battles, “Railroading of Walter Reddy: Patriot’s Legally Owned Guns Seized;” the low burden of proof required by the state to take away guns from their law-abiding owners; Reddy’s intent to file an FOIA request to find out why he’s an FBI “person of interest;” how the FBI seems to be profiling conservatives and advocates of alternative currencies in its search for domestic terrorists; and Reddy’s attempt to consult with states interested in using gold and silver as currencies.

MP3 here. (19:37)

Thomas R. Eddlem is a high school history teacher in Southeastern Massachusetts and a freelance writer who contributes to The New American, Examiner.com, AntiWar.com and LewRockwell.com.

04-28-2011, 04:23 AM
Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies.