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Dave Aiello
04-14-2011, 02:02 AM
So I'm completely free on the 5th, and would love to head down to SC, get together with fellow RP-ers, do some serious work for the cause, bring a bunch of signs, and support Ron in the debate. I don't have the financial means to completely fund a trip down to SC, though I can afford some of the expense. I have $150 of cash on hand that I will be putting toward the trip. I'd be flying in on the 5th, finding a place to stay (preferably as cheap as possible), and heading back the following day. The cheapest flight from Providence to SC is $320 (southwest).

I would be able to pay for the debate ticket (though it would be super helpful if someone had an extra ticket to spare). If someone would be able to part with a ticket, I'd just need $170+stay to get down there. I found rooms for $59/night, but this expense could be split with a fellow supporter. I've started a chip-in for $229, which includes the stay. If I can get some (trustworthy;)) person to agree to split the room with me, then just $200 would be needed, and I will return any excess money that is chipped-in :)

Thanks guys - your help is greatly appreciated. It was your generosity which inspired me to get so involved in the first place, in being able to go to CPAC and feel the energy of the revolution in action

Also, If someone is willing to part with a ticket, I can provide my personal info via PM on the forum

The chipin page can be found here: http://dave4liberty.chipin.com/sc-debate-trip

Thanks again!

Dave Aiello
04-15-2011, 01:27 AM
Thanks Josh! Your help is much appreciated.