View Full Version : Take Five Minutes to Advocate Fair Debate Coverage!

04-04-2011, 08:27 PM
Hi guys, this is quick and easy but something that's very important to do in big numbers.

The article below discusses the exclusion/inclusion of various candidates in the Republican Caucuses. In the article, there's some contact information for people organizing the caucus debates.

Take five minutes to email them and tell them that you want ALL candidates -- including Paul, Johnson etc and not just the "toe the Party line" types -- to be included in the debates. Tell them that you only will support media channels that provide fair debate opportunity, and that the issue of who is a viable candidate should be determined by the voting people, and not by the media and polls.

The article is the link below.

Also, if you can spread the word around even if only to one person, it helps. I forwarded this info to a friend of mine who hosts a Libertarian radio talk show, so hopefully he can get the word out to his listeners.