View Full Version : Gamers Advertise! Dont Waste time. Multiplayer games is adspace

03-24-2011, 11:40 PM
A few things i did back in 2007 and so forth to try and advertise Ron Paul and get his name out besides just putting signs out and lit, and stuff was play games. :confused:

Yepp talking to people about Ron Paul through multiplayer games and what not. Its where i talked to peepz about dec moneybomb and more. Though not the best way to advertise as theres 1000 more important things you could do online alone to help. Along with things around your community, but when you are just having fun playing a game try to Do your Part for Liberty!

So you are playing a multiplayer game might as well go ahead and keep supporting RON PAUL 2012!!

certian ways of doing this.

Username,groupname, guildname, squadname, hosting a game name with RonPaul2012 or something. RonPaul4Prez 2012.

L4d 1 id host games with ron paul in title, bf2 id make a squad name RonPaul12 , BF heroes my usernames all had to do with ron paul something.

VOIP is wonderfull these days talk to people about ron paul. try keep it positive.
theres is thousands of ways You can communicate Ron Paul to players in a game with out being the guy who is annoyning about it or spamminngg the chat.

So wether your on the xbox360 ps3 pc or whatever! try and get the message of Ron Paul 2012 across!

Gamers unite!