View Full Version : Result of Chinese Bans on Minors @ Internet Cafes

03-18-2011, 04:08 PM
I wanted to share the results which've come of this because it's very troubling. When we lack information, we lose the ability to see what's wrong in our world. We lose all of those perspectives which make us question what's right and wrong. Even if we're talking with a Communist, we're growing in empathy and our ability to adapt/understand.

China, unfortunately, has conducted a relevant "experiment." They banned minors from being able to use Internet cafes, and here's the sad result:

"According to the Ministry of Culture, there were 163 million Internet cafe users in 2010 in China. After the closures, there remains about 144,000 Internet cafes, with nearly a third being operated by chain businesses."

Maybe they were all playing Starcraft, but this is still a loss of communication and ultimately, knowledge.