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Bradley in DC
10-23-2007, 10:28 PM

Being a Ron Paul supporter.
I like Ron Paul and plan to vote for him in the NJ primary. I disagree with him on a few of issues, but agree with him on far more. Even an asshole like me understands compromise. It is my hope that he will prevail, it is my cynicism that suggests that he won’t. I hope that I am wrong because we have to break out of the two party domination of this country’s political system (I know, I know, Paul runs as a Republican, but we all know he is something else) or we are going to be very sorry down the road.

This piece by Deepak Chopra, while again not exactly in line with my own opinion on everything he says, does state a real and present danger. I personally wish he casted a few more stones toward the other two branches of our government, but his overall message is sound I think. That is that we in America have relinquished our power to the elite of all branches of “our” government. Until now, every attempt to overturn this pork barrel has failed (e.g. Ross Perot, et al) because the candidates that have tried have been crazier than shithouse rats, Libertarian UN detonators included*.

While I personally agree with certain assessments of the of what the UN Building’s future structural future should consist of, I am NOT the guy you want as the “leader of the free world”. In this way Ron Paul is different. He understands Washington DC where other real change-minded, ‘3rd Party’ (which he is) candidates rarely or never have. You have to be on the ship to commandeer it so to speak. Mr. Paul is on that ship, in the system and yet unwilling to assimilate. This confounds his Democratic opponents and their media, flabbergasts his Republican contenders and their media, and energizes those that have had it up to their ears with the same old same old. Boy do I ever like that chemistry.

This brings me to the shameless self-promotion and what I hope will be motivational part of my internet defecation today. I support Ron Paul. I have given in excess of $500 to his campaign to date (something I do not usually do) and will likely give more. Even though I am almost diametrically opposed to some of his views related to the current threat from fundamentalist Islam, I am far more impressed by the fact that this guy is frickin’ REAL (or should have an Academy Award). Ron Paul is the statesman that I have waited for for so long. The statesman this country has needed for so long. Not always right, not always wrong, but true to the precepts of this nation that have been lost for so long. He is getting my vote and my money. What is he getting from you? Money is everything in this dog and pony show our “leaders” have created. It was and is their intention to keep it that way. Therefore, if you really want to change this crap in Washington, I mean shake it to its foundations, then it will take fire to fight fire.

Got a match? Spend it wisely.

* “The day I enter the Oval Office, I will give notice to the United Nations. Member nations would have one week to evacuate their offices in the UN building in New York. They would have seven days to box up their computers, their paper work, and family photos. At noon on the eighth day, after ensuring that the building was empty, I would personally detonate the explosive charges that would reduce the building to rubble.” - Michael Badnarik (Libertarian nominee for President in 2004)

10-23-2007, 10:33 PM
Good find. I liked this piece a lot. It speaks to the pragmatism I find so important (and often undervalued) in Ron Paul's ways.

10-23-2007, 11:25 PM
Sorry no Academy Awards for Dr. Paul. :rolleyes:

He's as frickin’ REAL as it gets!