View Full Version : My latest letter to the editor

10-23-2007, 08:45 PM
They still haven't printed the last one I sent.

The Telegraph has been highlighting the "Major candidates for president", in a series of articles. The latest issue is the sixth installment which highlights John McCain. The previous five candidates were Tom Tancredo, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Hillary Clinton, and Chris Dodd. Texas Congressman Ron Paul raised more money than John McCain did last quarter. Unlike all the other candidates, Ron Paul raised his quarterly 5.4 million dollars without the help of lobbyists or any special interest groups. In his twenty years in congress, he has never voted for a tax increase, nor has he ever voted for an unbalanced budget. He is the only major candidate who voted against, and openly opposes the war in Iraq. He is the only major candidate who is not a member of the global-minded Council on Foreign Relations. While a lot of the other candidates seem to be interchangeable, Ron Paul stands out from the crowd due to his strict adherence to the Constitution. Other candidates only speak of the Constitution, while Ron Paul lives it, and his track record shows it. I'm sure that the Telegraph will continue to give every "major candidate" a fair and balanced review. Having said that, I look forward to the Ron Paul installment in your series.