View Full Version : Dr. Paul Thanks Grassroots for President’s Day Money Bomb

02-24-2011, 05:29 AM
Today, Congressman Paul issued the following thank you to supporters:

“Once again, I have been blown away by the support of so many from across the Nation. Over 14,000 individuals have chipped in to raise more than $700,000, and I plan to put this money to good use.”

“The fact that the average contribution was about $50 is a powerful reminder about the strength of our movement. We are all regular people, with jobs, families and real world concerns, united in our commitment to reclaiming our Liberty. Alone, we are not powerful. Without all of you, I am not powerful. But together, when we stand behind our message of Freedom, we can accomplish great things together.”

“Thank you again to all who contributed, and to all who fight every day to restore our Constitution and great American traditions. Your support inspires me and gives me hope for future generations.”