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02-23-2011, 06:42 AM
As a tutor and homeschool workshop leader, I have written many free lesson plans especially on how to teach phonics and reading.

Lately however I have been educating myself on the Constitution by reading early documents and text books. Here are some links to some of the results of my research to be used as lesson plan ideas...all for free

Understanding the "Welfare Clause" In The Constitution (http://educatorssite.com/?p=407)

American History (http://www.read-phonics.com/american-history.html) This article talks about some of the facts removed from text books during Woodrow Wilson's reign.

Is The U.S. A Democracy Or A Republic? (http://educatorssite.com/?p=411)

Understanding The "Welfare Clause" (http://educatorssite.com/?p=407) Many think the welfare clauses means that the government has the power to do anything. This article gives the facts using a free online 1828 dictionary and comparing it with a newer version...interesting.

Judge Napolitiono Videos Explaining The Constitution (http://www.read-phonics.com/us-constitution.html)

Two Excellent Text Books Used To Teach The Constitution By Chief Justice Joseph Story (http://educatorssite.com/?p=361)

The Constitution and Slavery (The "3/5h Clause" and the "13th Amendment") (http://www.read-phonics.com/constitution-slavery.html)

The Influence Freud Had On U.S. Government And Education (http://www.read-phonics.com/psychology-frued--bernays-constitution.html) This article talks about how education has been used to divide our Country, and why.

New World Order and School Text Books (http://ezinearticles.com/?New-World-Order-and-School-Text-Books&id=4865207) talks about the danger of using modern text books to teach children. It also gives more information about Woodrow Wilson, and how our textbooks have been altered to reflect an ideology rather than the truth.

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Thanks for the links. BTW keep in mind that not all children respond to just phonics instruction when learning to read. Have you checked out guided reading to supplement phonics?

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Thank you!

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I have used Letterland Phonics Program from England for years.

It's brilliant and has never failed.

I bought their ABC Book, The Alphabet Song CD, the Wall frieze, and the Giant Alphabet Puzzle for my 2 1/2 year old this Christmas.

He already knows all the phonemes and is sounding out words and I haven't taught him anything-- just read the book, listened to the CD, played games with the wall frieze, and put together the floor puzzle.


02-23-2011, 07:31 AM
The links I gave in the original post were not about phonics, but only about American History and the Constitution. But you bring up a good point. Please see my response below yours:

Thanks for the links. BTW keep in mind that not all children respond to just phonics instruction when learning to read. Have you checked out guided reading to supplement phonics?

Brain scans reveal that when the brain "gets it", it (the brain) literally lights up. MRI scans show that the brains of children taught phonics experienced considerable activity ("lit up"). The scans revealed that children who were not taught phonics had little brain activity when shown words. Without the ability to sound out words, the brain is "stumped" was the conclusion of this ten year study by Yale and UCLA.

The research went on to say, dyslexics are normally of average to above average intelligence. Yet they are often frustrated because they can comprehend when a story is read to them, but not when they read it themselves. It was discovered that learning to decode (phonetic awareness) helped the dyslexic's ability to learn from written material. You see it is well documented that intensive phonic awareness is the most effective way to teach the dyslexic child, the learning disabled, and ,in fact, everyone. However, 16% of English words are not decode-able by using phonics, and those words need to be taught using the sight method. I personally like using phonic and reading games, to teach reading because it speaks to all learning styles.

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Thank you!

You are welcome...It is something I love doing, and as a grandparent (no children at home), I have more time than I did as a parent trying to teach my children, and research.

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Fantastic resources for both teaching others, and teaching yourself...thanks. :)

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Thank you!

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Thanks, I appreciate it. I just started homeschooling my 4th grader a few months ago. I bookmarked the links:).

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Great! You have all made my day, and made the hours of research well worth it.