View Full Version : Rand Paul rebuts Donald Trump: "his chances are less than my father's"

02-10-2011, 06:15 PM


Washington (CNN) - Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is standing up for his Dad. In an interview with CNN he said Donald Trump will regret taking a dig at Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, during his address to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gathering.

In his first public address to CPAC Donald Trump said Rep Ron Paul of Texas "has zero chance of being elected" president. The crowd, filled with Ron Paul supporters, booed loudly. (Trump got a very friendly reception, Paul diss aside.)

CPAC is the longest running and largest annual conference of conservatives and is of particular note this year as it's become an early cattle-call for potential GOP presidential candidates.

The son, Senator Rand Paul, seemed amused by the whole thing. Laughing he told CNN Donald Trump "decided to mention something about the un-electability of my father and the crowd was somewhat partisan towards my father and they didn't like it." He added "I think it was probably a mistake for him to say in that crowd."

When asked by CNN about Donald Trump's chances of winning should he run for President the Senator said he considered making a joke about that topic during his own address to CPAC but then decided to take the high road.

Still, when pressed he smiled and said of Trump: "I think his chances are less than my father's."