View Full Version : Another blue doggie crumbles

02-08-2011, 01:56 AM
Blue doggie democrats who didn't get kicked out in last election are resigning or not seeking relection left and right. This Congress woman who was a suspect in Israeli espionage scandal is stepping down to lead a "think tank" as the official reason:

NBC News reports Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) will announce tomorrow that she's resigning from Congress to take a job leading a Washington think tank. That move will set up a special election this year to find a replacement for Harman's southern California district.

She returned to the House in 2001 and was her party’s ranking member on the intelligence committee when the Democrats re-took Congress in 2006. Despite her seniority, Harman was not selected to chair the committee by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi after a damaging story about her was published in Time magazine. According to the article, Harman was the target of a Justice Department investigation into her dealings with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The article went on to say that in return for AIPAC’s support of Harman’s bid for intelligence committee chair she had agreed to lobby the Justice Department on behalf of two of their officials who had been charged with espionage.


This could be the real reason:

Harman was heavily involved in the AIPAC-Franklin-Israeli spy affair. The two ex-AIPAC staffers are now suing AIPAC, and Harman may have to give legal evidence of her involvement. A fitting end to her career.